Rain Rain Go Away!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The past two days have been Gloom City.  Boo.  Which means no pool or playing outside which makes for a super stir crazy three year old.  I needed to get a good workout in yesterday so I brainstormed and came up with this Rainy Day workout that I could bust out in the basement during Lola's first nap while Cohen played with his 2483039843 cars.

I started with a 1 mile run.  I began at a 6.0 pace and worked my way up to 6.5 about every 0.25 miles.  At 0.75 miles I bumped it up to 6.5 to run the remainder of my mile.

Next I did 25 Dumbbell Squat Swings.  I love these things.  Normally I'd use a kettle bell but I don't own one, so I use my heaviest weight which is usually an 8 or 10 lb weight.  Start by squatting and then when you stand, swing out your weight no higher than your shoulders.  You should be pushing through from your heels to your thighs as you stand up.  Use the momentum of the weight as you swing up.

Don't judge my face or messy basement.  PS I will squat deeper than I did in the picture.

Then it was 20 Hammer Curls.  I love these because they work both the biceps and triceps.  Keep your arms tight to your sides and fists facing into your body.  Come all the way up and then all the way down to count for one.

Finally it's 50 Bicycle crunches.  Make sure your arms behind your head are out and not folded up against your ears.  I like to challenge myself by keeping my extended leg a few inches off of the floor.

And then repeat again!

Now, I'm no fitness expert so I'm just putting together some of my favorite exercises that I've used over the years.  I wanted a quick burn with some cardio and strength that I could do, as you can see, in the middle of my chaotic playroom.

Okay I'm off to clean my house for the 8346th time this week.


  1. Great workout. Keep up the good work. I might have to give this one a try tomorrow :)

  2. That's a great workout! I hope the weather has improved for you!