Lola Girl is 8 Months Old

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh Miss Lola girl why are you growing so fast?  I'm in disbelief that another month has passed us by again.  Today just so happens to be Mommy and Daddy's 6th wedding anniversary too.  Crazy it has already been 6 years and even crazier that I haven't had an alone vacation with my husband since our honeymoon 6 years ago.
Need to fix that one babe.
But Lola continues to be Miss Social and an absolute joy to our family.  She will let anyone hold her and really only cries when she's hungry, tired or you take something away from her that she wants.  Diva status for sure.  She was the perfect little traveler last week on our family vacation - she ate, slept and handled the car as best as a little baby could handle a 6 hour drive.  It's fun to see how alike yet different Lola and Cohen are with certain things.  

Here are a few things Miss Lola has been up to lately:

Size: Lola continues to fit along with the average size of her age.  We haven't weighed her in awhile but I think she is probably around 17 lbs.  She fits comfortably still in 6-9 month clothing but can still easily wear some 6 month outfits.  I discovered that I do need to update her wardrobe with more 9 month warmer outfits after this freakish July cold spell we had last week.  

Eating:  We are still giving her 4 bottles a day, but she seems to be dropping her ounces and wanting more solid foods.  She takes 6 oz at 7:30, 4.5 oz at 11:30, 4.5 oz at 3:30 and 6 oz at 7:30 before bed.  I'm down to pumping twice a day now but I still have a mega supply of breast milk so I know for sure I'll be able to push her through 9 months no problem and maybe even 10.  I surpassed my 6 month goal mark which I'm happy about, but the whole drying up process is bringing back horrible memories from when I stopped pumping with Cohen.

Lola is a huge fan of the Mum Mums.  I got a box on clearance at Kroger when I was in Goshen and thought I'd try them before I bought a bunch and girlfriend can't get enough!  I'm kicking myself for not grabbing the other two boxes because they were only $1 each.  She also love Puffs, Yogurt Melts and Cheerios and today she devoured the Lil Crunchies, which were a fav of Co's too at this age. I plan on making her food through this month while slowly introducing more textures.  For example I will give her avocado pieces rather than pureed avocado.  I promise I'll share my baby food recipes before I head back to work -- they are so easy moms! 

Sleeping:  The sleeping has been a bit more consistent lately (except for tonight-of course).  Lola will go down around 7:30 and sleep until 7 or 7:30 if not later.  I find the rough nights usually come a few days before she hits a huge milestone.  Lately she's been waking up a few times crying and I noticed her top gums felt hard and she's been chewing her paci really hard up there.   The past week she has also been crying in her sleep so I think we're going through the night terror stage, my absolute least favorite.  As far as naps go she goes down around 9:45 and will sleep until about 11:00 or 11:30 and then go down again around 1:45 and sleep until 3:00 or 3:30.  I'm going to miss my afternoons with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte when school starts back up in a week.  Nap time with Sex & the City is the best.

Likes: This kid loves to talk.  Not sure where she gets that one...  But she also loves when you have a conversation with her too.  She will squeal and laugh and babble right back.  I'm working on starting a few baby signs with her to see how quickly she will pick up on them.

Lola loves sitting up and watching the world around her.  Whether it's in the stroller, on my lap or hip she is just taking it all in.  It's a big world little girl, eat it up.

My little girl also loves to sit with us at dinner time and eat her little Mum Mum or just enjoy our company.  Some nights we put her in her walker while we eat and she gets so mad if she isn't right up with us being a part of the group.  This kid a social butterfly and loves people.  Once again, I wonder where she gets it...

Dislikes:  The kid hates being hungry.  She is a creature of schedule and I'm totally fine with that.  Yesterday I was making dinner and trying to get her food around and she started crying at 5:30 on the dot.  She will also let you know if her bottle is not ready right at 11:30 or 3:30.  Diva status I'm telling you guys.

Lola has also developed a new cry.  This cry isn't the usual hungry, wet or I want mom cry.  This is a full out -"I will get what I want" cry.  Like when I take her out of the bathtub she will have nothing to do with that.  She will wail her head off until I give her the bottle because she doesn't want to get out.  The other day Sophie gave Lola her phone to hold and when she took it away you would've thought the world was coming to an end.  The second she gave the phone back she was just fine.  Already so spoiled.  I blame her dad.

She had rolled herself under the table and was stuck.  I probably should have rushed to help, but I needed a picture first.  Oops.

Milestones:  Lately she has been getting up on her knees and rocking.  Then she will push herself backwards or roll over.  I need to start making sure the outlets are all covered and get out the other gate to confine her to the living room because it's only a matter of days until the kid starts crawling.  Lola has also started clapping when she's really excited.  At my parents' house last weekend the music was playing and she was so excited she started clapping, it was so fricken cute.  She won't do it all the time but only when she's super excited.

Each and every day this child brings more and more joy into our lives.  While her brother continues to crack us up and keep us on our toes daily, she is definitely more laid back and allows us to conserve our energy for her busy body brother.  You are just sweet as can be my sweet Lola girl.  I wish I could spend every minute of each day with you and your brother!


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