Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today I am 31.
Well actually, tomorrow if you are reading this on Tuesday.
I'll have to admit, 30 was a pretty damn good year.  While I am still in disbelief that I have surpassed the 30 mark, I continue to feel that everyone around me is growing up yet I am still the quirky 18 year old giving my parents gray hairs.
Unfortunately I am growing up and I am not longer giving them gray hairs I am getting them myself.
In order to celebrate this birthday occasion, I have decided to share 31 things about myself that you either already know, had no clue about or you did know and totally forgot.

Now let me enlighten you my friends...

1  Cohen's due date was the day after my birthday.  I may have asked him to come early or later so we could have our own special days...

2.  My dad is an identical twin, my mother in law is an identical twin and my cousin has twin girls.  Now I will pray that the twin gene does not attack my ovaries if we decide for a third baby.

3.  I have grown up in the same house since I was 8 months old - and my parents still live there.

4.  My first car was a Geo Prism.  It had fake leather and a sunroof.  Too legit to quit.

5.  I was named Kaitlin Colleen with the intentions of calling me KC.  Obvi that one didn't stick.

6.  I have been to ten Kenny Chesney concerts.  Love me a man in tight jeans and cowboy boots.  Okay just Kenny actually.  

7.  If I could have any job in the world it would be a reporter on ENews.  Giuliana -- call me.

8.  Apparently Lauren Conrad and I are twins switched at birth.  Maybe that's why I have a mild obsession with Laguna Beach.

9.  I wanted to name Lola Britton Kait but Kurtis axed that one real quick.  Something about my obsession with the Royals going a little too far...

10.  I was my class Vice President for four years.  I'm not quite sure what I did in that position other than sell tickets for a prom fundraiser and get to miss first period.  But I am certain it looked great on a college application.  Hollaaaaa!

11.  Carrie Bradshaw is my idol.  I could live, breath and wear Sex and the City every day for eternity.

12.  Growing up we had this horribly mean cat named Bird.  I mean she was so awful that I would cry when I had to go downstairs at nighttime because I knew she was lurking in the shadows...and I was 16 years old.

13.  I won a goldfish in my third grade carnival and named him Sydney.  We went to dinner after the carnival and came back to find that he was gone.  The sucker had jumped out of the cup and fell underneath the seat of the car.  He lived for 21 years in a bowl on the hutch in my parent's dining room.  I can't make this up people.

14.  I lived on a co-ed floor my freshman year at IU.  Seriously it was fun at the McNutt-Bryan Floo  Molly Mesnick also lived on my floor that year.  Only people who watch the Bachelor will know who this C list celebrity is however

15.  You're looking at Goshen's Junior Miss 2002.  Yes I won a pageant.  Hell to the no I am not a pageant girl but I did win a computer.  What what.

16.   I was a day camp counselor for six summers.  The best job I've ever had I am absolutely sure.  DDC forever.

17.  On our honeymoon I had this amazing Sangria.  That night I got this not so amazing food poisoning from eating the fruit.  

18.  One of my all-time favorite shows is the O.C.  Now can you figure out who my favorite character was on the show?

19.  I touched Kenny Chesney's hand at a concert as he drove through the crowd on a golf cart.  I then called my mom crying like a baby to share the news.

20.  My sweet Gram passed away on my birthday seven years ago.  Kurtis and I were married on her birthday six years ago.  It still feels like a special way I connect with her on these memorable days.

21.  When I was six weeks pregnant, a co-worker called me out.  She had lost her father a few years before and he told her in a dream to connect with me.  She was also barely pregnant with her a daughter.  Today she is one of my closest friends and I thank her father's spirit for bringing us together! 

22.  Brady is the first dog I have ever owned.

23.  The doctor told my parents I was a boy.  But I showed him!  Boo yeah grandma.

24.  I attended Catholic school for six years.  Thank God I was allowed to go to public school in sixth grade.

25.  I have known my oldest friend since we were three.  She could balance a beanbag on her leg and I thought she was the bees knees.  Who knew her trick would allow us to be forever friends?

26.  When I was eight I saw a ghost at the top of my parents' stairs.  He was a man standing with his hands on his hips wearing a cowboy hat.  Over the next ten years I encountered several other ghostly experiences in their house.  No I do not like to talk about it.  It totally creeps me out.

27.  I got cut from my senior musical.  It was totally a political thing I am 100% certain.

28.  I can not lie, watching Taylor Swift make an acceptance speech makes me cringe like none other.

29.  After a year in college I almost switched my degree to Political Science so I could become a lawyer.  Good thing I can laugh about that now.

30.  I met my husband at my summer job.  I used to write him love notes and hide them on his car.  I also used to ask me boss if she had anything for me to take to the office just so I could see him and crush a little bit more.  Summer loving, having a blast....

31.  I can't smell skunk.  I'm not lying.  I have some kind of immunity to it.

This year I plan to jump into my new age head first.  I have a lot of new plans, hopes and dreams that I can't wait to test and achieve.  The year 30 was big but I'm pretty sure 31 will be bigger.
Cheers to another year older, wiser and oh so much smarter.
Because let's be honest, I make 31 look good.

Weekend Shenannies - We're On a Boat...In Our Undies

Sunday, September 28, 2014

This weekend we headed up north to spend the weekend making our rounds to visit our families.  We hadn't really been home since May and recently we got news that Kurtis' grandma was sick, so we knew it was time to make plans to go see family.  

We got up there on Friday afternoon and got stuck in a huge traffic jam

Let's just say this was a true reminder of how much of a city girl I really am now.

It was a gorgeous day so we spent a lot of our time outside until we started to get attacked by bees.  And I ain't having none of that one.  We had a really nice time visiting with Kurtis' grandparents, his dad and step-mom and got to take Cohen and Lola on their first boat ride.  Cohen drove us around the lake...in his Superman underwear of course.

On Saturday we got to spend time with Kurtis' mom and step-dad, sister and her husband and their sweet little chunky monkey son Gavin.  Lola and Gavin are about the same size even though he is about four months younger.  Seriously how cute are these bald little bruisers?

On the way home both kids decided to take a nap.  We ended up letting them sleep in the car for awhile.  I was then reminded how it is a horrible idea to wake Cohen up...ever.  So I bribed him with a walk to the gas station to get whatever he wanted.  The kid spent $8.00 on Slurpies, Lunchables and Bugles and then suggested that I buy this hat for him too:

I quickly replied that I would next time.  Let's get real, $7.99 is a steal for a hat like that.

He also decided that he needed a coozie for his cup on the way home like his aunty Rah Rah.  This kid kills me.

The remainder of the weekend was spent with my family.  If I could have done anything else I would have met my two high school bffs for drinks but I was dog tired.  Lola decided to wake up from 3-5 on Saturday morning so I let her play while I caught up on my mom's DVR.  She had the entire new season of the Kardashians recorded.  Duh, we are related.  Plus everyone is sick with this nasty runny nose cold and with the lack of sleep it was wearing on us all.  But I'm glad we made a trip up there while we could.  The weather was absolutely amazing and it was nice to spend some time with the family other than during the holidays.  Lola has also decided to get brave and climb the steps at my parents house and do other big things like standing up on her own.

I did manage to get all of my laundry done today but there are a few other housekeeping items I need to attend to this week.  But I'm in no rush because next week is Fall Break --- hollllaaaaaaa!  Oh, and I turn 31 on Wednesday.  Don't worry, this time around I'm not taking it too hard.  Why? Because let's be real.  I make 30 look good.
Bam.  Boo yeah grandma.

 How was your weekend friends?

Lola Girl is 10 Months

Thursday, September 25, 2014

They say with your second child time flies by a lot faster and I would totally have to agree with that.  How are we already at ten months?!?!  I have officially booked a place to host her party, have purchased half of her first birthday outfit and have party planning on the brain. 
Lola girl, you are just getting so big!  The past month has been about balance and getting back into the swing of things.  I am almost nine weeks back to work and I'll be honest, it isn't getting any easier.  But that's for another day...

How is my little peanut just two short months away for her first birthday?  Lola is growing so fast and is at a really fun age.  I feel like she learns something new every few days and she amazes me with the new things she is trying to accomplish.  She is still a little petite peanut but a feisty one at that! I'm sure she gets that from her mama...

Here is what Lola girl has been up to lately:

Size: Miss Lola is still a little thing.  Not too little but definitely smaller than her brother was at this age!  I would guess she's around 18 lbs.  She is now in 9 month clothing and some 12 month, but those things are definitely a bit big on her.  I am so happy at how much use I have gotten out of her precious rompers and dresses.  We are now nearing fall which means moccasin season.  Seriously, I have a problem.  Little Girl still wears size 3 diapers and her feet are maybe a size 2 if I'm lucky!

Eating:  We are officially on all formula.  My supply completely tanked with the stress of work.  The drying up process this time was nothing compared to last time.  While I am a bit sad to have passed this stage I am so happy to no longer be a slave to that pump. Lola has four bottles a day and will eat about 22 oz, give or a take a few.  She LOVES to eat and sometimes I have no idea where she is shoveling all this food because she's so dang petite.  I'm trying to incorporate more table foods and less purees, however she isn't having it quite yet.  She has been a little under the weather the past few days and her gag reflexes have kicked in.  However the kid went to town on a Pluot from my GreenBEAN delivery this week.  

Sleeping:  Did you know there is a sleep regression around 9 months?  Oh well there sure is my friends and it's horrible.  Lola is a poster child for the Wonder Weeks and the leaps that go along with it.  However, we are finally at the tail end of this regression but now we are cutting four, yes four, teeth so we have been an even bigger mess.  BUT usually she will sleep 7:30-7:30 and it still is not uncommon for Kurtis to have to wake her up in the mornings.  Lola is struggling with naps at her sitter,but I'm pretty sure there is just too much fun she doesn't want to miss out on!  When she's at home she takes an hour and half nap in the morning and about the same in the afternoon.  Now if only her brother would get the memo...

Milestones:  Oh ten months you have been busy!  Sweet Lola is the fastest crawler and has the ability to find any and every set of stairs.  She also has figured out how to climb up the stairs which has made me a nervous wreck.  I put up the gate at the end of the stairs and oh let the dramatics begin!  She kept sadly crying and sticking her hand underneath the gate like she was saying, "Why me?!"  Lola also is a pro at standing and will pull herself up on everything. She will often stand by herself for several seconds like a biggie girl.  We have a couple push toys that she will stand behind, take one step and then decide she can chase her brother faster if she pushes it on her knees.  It's really hilarious.  Lola also cut her two top teeth finally and is now cutting two more bottom teeth.  When it rains, it pours I 

Lola loves to wave hi and bye to anyone and everything.  She also enjoys copying whatever her brother says too.  Her favorite words right now are, "Uh uh uh-oh."  Cohen started saying it one day and she just kept saying it over and over again.  She happily babbles Mama, Dada, Nana and Baba.

Likes:  Oh Lola, how you love your brother!  She truly thinks he's the bees knees.  Anywhere Cohen goes, there's Lola.  I'm trying to get him to realize how to be gentle but this is still a work in progress with little Brutus.  Lola also loves her bottle at bedtime.  It becomes a huge show if she doesn't get it RIGHT NOW.  I totally see a mini Verruca Salt when the kid doesn't get her way.  Oh and music, this kid LOVES to dance.  I'm quite certain she will enjoy the classics like her mother.  You know, bands like 'NSync of course.

Dislikes:  We are struggling with her over tiredness.  Since she barely naps during the day when she's at the sitter she is a huge grumpers all evening long, unless you hold her of course.  I get it kid, I hate being tired too.  She also has started protesting diaper changes.  I have to change her on the floor because she will arch her back and flip over the second I try to take off her diaper.  Lola has also started this horrible habit where she will throw herself backwards she gets pissed.  Such a temper child.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the next Lola update she is walking.  I am in shock that a whole year has almost passed.  I'm in even more shock that her brother will be four a week from Sunday.  

Miss Lola girl you are just the apple of our eye and the sweetest little thing.  You love to make us laugh and have such a good attitude, even when your brother decides to play rough with you.  Continue to be your sweet self, but it's okay to start growing hair now...  I mean I can only get so many headbands.

Smooth and Straight Hair with #AvedaNaturallyStraight #spon

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Disclosure:  I receieved a complimentary product from SheSpeaks and Aveda for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Remember when I have to be a school for 7:20 meetings three times a week?  
Yes.  This is a true story.  I'm also completely cray cray and get up to workout many days starting bright and early at 5:15.
Seriously, what am I thinking?
Well usually by the time I roll out of bed, get my workout on and then jump into the shower I have approximately 25 minutes to get my hair and makeup done, get dressed, make my coffee and sprint out the door.  So it's all about time management my friends -- work smarter, not harder.

I was excited to try out Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight.  While my hair isn't curly it does have this terrible kink with mega frizz balls.  Last spring my flat iron went kaputs and I haven't gotten around to getting a new one.  The problem with this situation is my hair needs a good heat element to take away my frizzles, especially on those days when I am in a rush.   What I love about the Aveda Naturally Straight is that I can  smooth it over my damp hair and blow dry  my locks straight like I normally do.  My hair is seriously smooth as silk and frizz free. After five consecutive uses your hair will stay straight for up to three washes too! As much as I love Aveda products, this one is a heavier product but I just use about a dime size of the cream and it doesn't weigh my hair down at all.  I can even go a day or two and my hair is still as silky smooth, soft and straight as the first day I used it.
Winning my friends!

Check out Aveda's website to find a retailer near you -- trust me, you'll heart it as much as I do.

What are your favorite hair products to keep your locks stunning?

Making It a Family Adventure at Buffalo Wings and Rings

Monday, September 22, 2014

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BuffaloWingsandRings #CollectiveBias

When it comes to the weekends my husband and I have two completely different viewpoints. I would prefer to lay around all day and catch up on my Real Housewives from the week. He, on the other hand, could care less about what drama is stirring up in Orange County and feels the needs to go-go-go! This weekend I decided to comply with his idea of fun and take the kids on a driving adventure. Now keep in mind we have a ten month old who isn't too fond of the car. However, I obliged and we decided to head west and just drive to some of the forgotten gems that are bestowed within our lovely state. But there was a pinky promise deal that came alone with this package -- if I went on his idea of an adventure then he had to take me somewhere to enjoy some good chicken wings at an establishment that the family could enjoy too!
We headed east on I-70 and laughed at some of things we passed including the Steve Alford Inn. Being from Indiana you understand there are two importance key pieces to this state - corn and basketball, so this was not a surprising landmark. As we made a pit stop for Cohen we noticed a sign for the birthplace of Wilbur Wright. I probably should have listened a little more closely in history class...  
Finally we neared the end of our driving tour and by this time we were all hungry, including Lola who was making it loud and clear. We turned and made our way into Richmond and saw a sign for Buffalo Wings and Rings -- winner, winner chicken dinner! The building was bright and welcoming with a fun outdoor patio that even had T.V.s for your football watching pleasure.

Inside was clean, bright and full of more televisions with every football game on imaginable.  My husband was pretty much in heaven.  We ordered our food while Cohen and Sophie decided they needed to play the candy crane game until they won every Tootsie Roll in the machine.  Kurtis and I laughed more about some of the things we saw on our adventure while Lola enjoyed her cheesy puffs and the Penn State game that was on in front of her.  This girl is bound to be a cheerleader after my own heart.

I ended up going for the Grilled Chicken Wrap while everyone else was in the mood for burgers.  Except for Cohen who can find Mac and Cheese on any kids menu.  We also shared some of my faves - fried pickles.  Seriously, you can't ever leave a restaurant without ordering fried pickles if they are on the menu!

We left Buffalo Wings and Rings with full bellies and almost played a game of mini golf at the place right next door.  Instead we headed home in hopes to beat the storm that we in fact, did not beat.  Even though I spent the rest of the night wiping up drenched window wells, soaked carpets and sopping wet curtains, it was a fun family adventure that we will definitely put in the books to remember.

How do you like to spend your family nights together?

Get a SKIN-tervention with Clear Proof Acne System #Giveaway

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Within the past few months my skin has started to go bonkers.  I'm sure my hormones that are trying to get back to normal aren't helping the situation much, but I literally cannot handle having the skin that looks like a fourteen year old going through puberty.  I'm flipping 31 years old.

It was time for a SKIN-tervention.

I'm a creature of habit so any kind of change makes me panic.  But it was time.  My skin was a mess and I seriously couldn't handle it anymore.  I needed to find something that would stop these breakouts, cleanse and tone up my skin and moisturize my face without making it feel like I just used a pound of Crisco on it.  Recently I was asked to try out the Clear Proof Acne System for Mary Kay.  I wasn't sure if I should take this as a sign from the skin gods answering my pimpled face prayers or rather a subliminal message that is trying to tell me to edit my blemishes a little bit better with the photos I post for the blog.  Either way I was excited to try out this new cleansing system.  I've always been a fan of Mary Kay products (the eyeliner has been a fav for years) and knew the name offered quality products for women like myself.

What exactly is so great about the Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay?  Well, let me share with you some of the facts:

  • The key to a clear complexion is using a skin care regimen that uses combination salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as its acne fighting ingredients.  The Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay uses this approach!
  • Salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin while benzoyl peroxide reduces bacteria. Together, these ingredients visibly reduce the number of acne blemishes, their severity, and prevent new pimples from forming.

The kit contains four cleansing components:
--Clarifying Cleansing Gel gives the skin a deep clean, removing dirt, excess oil and impurities. The salicylic acid formula helps to reduce the shine and unclog pores to help achieve clearer skin.

--Blemish Control Toner removes dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging and prevent new pimples from forming. The salicylic acid-based formula cleanses skin completely to help tighten pores and appear less noticeable to give you healthy, clearer skin.

--Acne Treatment Gel penetrates and clears pores to target bacteria and visible reduce a pimples redness. The benzoyl peroxide product absorbs bacteria quickly to help reduce the number of pimples, and allows the skin to heal and prevent future breakouts.

--Oil Free Moisturizer is a fast- absorbing, lightweight, non-pore-clogging formula that helps provide your skinniest the balanced hydration it needs. The formula helps control shine and excess oil to leave skin feeling nourished and healthier.

I've been using the Clear Proof Acne System for about three weeks now and I am absolutely thrilled with my results.  My skin has had minimal breakouts and my pores look amazing.  At first the four components seemed intimidating.  However, I'm obsessed with each of the four cleansers, especially the Blemish Control Toner.  I don't think I will ever go without a toner in my cleansing regime again.

Now I'm sure you are ready to try the Clear Proof Acne System for yourself, right?
Enter the Rafflecopter below my friend!

For more information or to order your Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay (retails for $45) check out their website or find them on Facebook!

Disclosure:  The Clear Proof Acne System, giveaway and information, have been provided by Mary Kay.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Perfect Timing

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I continue to battle with balance in my life lately.  However, tonight was all about the kiddos and they were cracking me up.  It was as if they knew I needed a non-grumpy and playful evening like this to help me move beyond my funk.

Funny how smart kids truly are...

Cohen was adamant about this pillow fort and Lola was adamant about figuring out who was in there.

Yo, Bro.  You in there?



There were no Lolas hurt in the sequence of these pictures.  But can I say that my photography was spot on during this pillow fort exchange.

Still laughing...

Shake It Up with Shake the Crave Shake Mixes

Monday, September 15, 2014

I have never been a breakfast girl.  And if I do choose to eat breakfast it is usually a greasy breakfast sandwich I grabbed on my way to work.  While the choice at the moment was amazing, my metabolism hates me and continues to remind me that I'm almost 31 and a mother a two.  I can't be eating like this anymore.  I also go on meal kicks and eat copious amounts of items for three weeks straight -- like my amazeballs yogurt parfait.  However, I can only eat so much yogurt, berries and granola.  I needed a break but wanted something that would fill me up and give me the energy I need to keep going during my never ending days.

Recently I was approached to try Shake the Crave shake mixes that can be made for breakfast, lunch or an easy snack.  It seemed legit and perfect for my breakfast problems.  But I have tried these shake things before and it lasted a whole two days before I was craving my greasy sandwiches again.  I was given both vanilla and chocolate to try.  My first go around with vanilla was not my fav -- but I've never been a vanilla girl.  However, I recently made up a chocolate Shake the Crave shake and threw in a banana to add some fruit to my meal and my friends it was terrific!  The shake was thick and creamy and it didn't leave that flat after taste that I've had with these meal shakes before.  Honestly, I was really surprised at how great the chocolate Shake the Crave was, especially after my vanilla experience.

I have to be honest, I was skeptical when it came to testing out these Shake the Crave shake mixes.  Recently I had the opportunity to try a well known brand of shake mix and it was all I could do to gag it down.  For real, it reminded me of how my mouth would taste if I ate beeswax.  But, I decided I wouldn't hurt to try something new, especially if I could use my fancy blender to make up a breakfast shake.  I'm really glad I did.

As I'd tell my students, I totally was a risk-taker by trying something new.  

Here are a few things that were super appealing about Shake the Crave shake mixes:
--100% pure ingredients 
--No artificial flavors or sweeteners 
--Made with real vanilla bean and cocoa bean
--Boosts energy levels
--Good source of protein and calcium
--120 calories per serving

If you're in a breakfast bind and are looking to shake things up, check out Shake the Crave's website for your free sample!

Disclosure: I was provided a product sample for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Keep Your Pup Healthy with Banfield and ProHeart 6 Preventative Shot + Giveaway

Friday, September 12, 2014

Disclosure:  Banfield Pet Hospital provided me with the information, Optimum Wellness Plan and giveaway.  

Meet Brady.

My lazy, old man puggle dog.  Some of his best qualities including being the world's biggest bed hog, having the worst dog breath manageable and having catlike ninja skills when it comes to getting Cohen's pizza at dinner. But he's ours, all ours and he really is just the sweetest dog possible.  I had never owned a dog before Brady.  To be honest, I rescued Brady on a whim.  But I learned quickly the responsibilities that come along with taking care of a dog.  I remember thinking it was almost like having a baby but I could put him in a cage when I left for work, which really was quite a reasonable connection.  You spend weeks getting up in the middle of the night for potty trips and I bought a new container of carpet cleaner every three days for at least two months straight.  But I also had to make sure I stayed on top of his shots, heart worm medicine and flea and ticks treatments just like a mother keeps up with her own child's vaccinations.  Being new to this pet ownership I wasn't sure where to start!

I had seen the Banfield Pet Hospital in Pet Smart at one of my triweekly trips to the store.  (Hey, PetSmart is to new dog owners like Target is to mothers.)  After doing a little research I realized what an amazing deal Banfield was so I scheduled an appointment for Brady, signed up for the Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan and have been a part of this amazing place since!  Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans can be customized based on the needs of the individual pet.  You pay a low monthly fee for the plan and it includes physical exams, routinely recommended vaccinations and screenings, unlimited free office visits, service discounts and more into one affordable veterinary care package.I like to think of it as Brady's "doggy insurance."

I have taken Brady to two different Banfield Pet Hospitals and been absolutely pleased with both places.  Each veterinarian that has taken care of Brady has been so caring, very informative and shows a genuine love for my sweet dog, which definitely is a plus for me as a pet owner.  Banfield believes in preventive veterinary care as the best way to improve the quality and longevity of a pet’s life by reducing the risk of developing serious, costly and sometimes fatal diseases, such as heartworm disease.  Heartworm testing  can be administered during a routine office visit. Office visits are always free through Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plan®, and many plans include annual heartworm tests.

So what exactly is heartworm disease?  Well, here are some facts that were helpful to me:
  • Heartworm disease is one of the most serious and potentially fatal parasites affecting dogs and cats. Pets can contract heartworm disease through a single bite from an infected mosquito.
  • Treatment of heartworm disease in dogs is difficult and painful for the dog, as well as expensive for the pet owner. Heartworm disease can be deadly to cats and there is no approved heartworm treatment in the U.S. for cats today. 
  • Check out the heartworm relevance in your state using this interactive mapfrom Banfield Pet Hospital’s State of Pet Health™ 2014 Report.  
  • Heartworm prevention is easy, safe and affordable. To properly protect pets from heartworm infection, Banfield Pet Hospital recommends annual heartworm testing and year-round preventive medication for both dogs and cats.

I had always used a topical treatment on Brady that was supposed to prevent not only heartworm but fleas and ticks too.  But Brady had his mid year check up at Banfield this week and his veterinarian mentioned the Proheart 6 shot for dogs.

Here's the lowdown on the Proheart 6 injection treatment for dogs:
  • ProHeart® 6 is an injectable heartworm preventive that can be prescribed to healthy dogs over the age of 6 months, which delivers six months of protection in a single dose—offering both convenience and peace of mind to pet owners.
  • ProHeart® 6 can protect dogs from dangerous heartworm disease by preventing immature worms from maturing into adults that cause damage in the pet’s heart.
  • Before a pet can start on heartworm preventive, he/she needs to be tested to make sure they are free of adult heartworms —this is done through a quick, simple blood test at your veterinarian’s office.

This was a sounded like a great option for me and Brady!  I now only have to worry about flea and tick prevention and Brady can get his heartworm shot every time we have his exams.  Plus I found a coupon for $10 off this 6 moth injectable heartworm treatment.   This was a win win situation if you ask me!

I do have to add that one of my favorite things about Banfield Pet Hospital is how their veterinarians sit down with you and go over all the test results, concerns they may have or answer any questions I have about my dog.  It's a good feeling to know that your pet is in great hands because he's still your baby, right?

Win It!
One lucky winner has the opportunity to win a free office visit at Banfield Pet Hospital for a dog to receive a free heartworm test and free 6-months of Proheart® 6 (for dogs only).  Just enter the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S.  For every comment made on this post, Banfield will doante $1 (up to $100) to Banfield Charitable Trust.  So start commenting friends!

Weekend Shanannies -- Grandparents, GloRun and Ninja Turtles

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Once again the weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  I got the majority of my stuff knocked off the list but there's always just a few more things that could get done if I had another day or two to finish up my list.

Yesterday we woke up to rainy and gloomy skies.  It was a glorious day anyway in our household because both kids slept in until after 8.  Thank you Jesus.  My parents came into town for the weekend.  We hadn't seen them since July when we stopped briefly in town on the way back from our family vacation.  Cohen was absolutely thrilled to be able to spend time with them.  And let's be honest, do you really know any grandparents that come empty handed when visiting their grandbabies?

Mikey in a Hummer -- cowabunga dude.

Later that night my friend and I met up to run the GloRun downtown.  It was pretty cool running at night however this was not the race to try to work on your time.  If I got a $1 for every person I got stuck behind blocking the path because they were taking a selfie mid race I'd have enough to buy a new house.
For real.
I  get it.  It was dark.  It was night.  There were glow sticks.  But next time peeps how about you find a place to take your selfies when there isn't a path that is about 4 feet wide with thousands of people trying to get through all at once?
I then rewarded myself with a Summer Shandy and a piece of Jet's pizza post race.

Then I spent all day Sunday doing laundry and catching up on my ridic Lifetime movies.  Oh and I got to hang out with this cute face all day long.

Princess Pie Pie is finally cutting those top two teeth.  I mean it has only been four months since she cut the bottom two.  I may have started to think that she was destined to be the toofless wonder.  She proved me wrong, thankfully.

Now it is way past my bedtime and I'm sitting here trying to push away those Sunday Blues.
Why do you go fast weekends?

What did you did this weekend?

Ease Earaches with Kids Relief Ear Relief Oral Liquid

Friday, September 5, 2014

Now that Cohen is older he can easily let me know when he doesn't feel good.  Like two weeks ago when he said he was going to throw up.  He so kindly informed me he was going to get sick moments before he upchucked all over my back.
True story.
However, when Lola was still a wee newborn, Cohen came down with his usual respiratory issues.  For him the cough and cold travels quickly to his chest and then out comes the trusty ol' nebulizer.  While the poor kid has had bronchitis and upper respiratory infections more than my husband and myself combined we have luckily escaped the horrid ear infection issues and hopefully surpassed the need for tubes (knocking on wood as I type this.)  Unfortunately at this cold go around my kid was miserable.  He woke up crying hysterically at 4:00 A.M. and grabbing his ear telling me, "Mommy it's pounding!"  Right then and there I knew it was an ear infection.  Lucky me I had over four hours until the doctor office opened...

This was one of these moments that I really wish I would have had some relief for my poor little guy.  Kids Relief Ear Relief Oral Liquid would have been the perfect option for Cohen's 4:00 A.M. ear infection issues.  It is a homeopathic oral liquid medicine that can help reduce fever and the throbbing pain and inflammation that come along with these terrible earaches.  Ear Relief Oral Liquid contains ingredients like purified water and citric acid as well as several other active homeopathic ingredients that are safe, great tasting and provide fast acting relief for your little ones.  

I'm a huge fan of the Kids Relief brand.  As a mom it is comforting to know that the medicines you are giving to your child are safe without harmful side effects.  These medicines, including Ear Relief Oral Liquid, help alleviate pain without the risk of overdose or drug interaction.  Be sure to check out their website to learn more about Kids Relief Ear Relief Oral Liquid as well as their line of other homeopathic medicines.

Disclosure:  I was provided a product sample for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

It's That Time Again...

Monday, September 1, 2014

This kid.

I'm in denial that he will be 4 in a month.  Seriously - a month!  Cohen continues to supply me with a mix of emotions on a daily basis.  One minute he is so sweet and cute hugging and kissing Lola and the next minute he is trying to ride her like a horse.  He is definitely his own little person that's for sure and I could squeeze him to pieces most of the time.  However, as if my job wasn't exhausting enough this kid sure pushes me to my maximum exhaustion point.

School has started again and I'm deathly afraid that he will bust out some of his inappropriate Cohenisms.  I have learned (the hard way unfortunately) that Cohen is a parrot.  He repeats and says almost everything he hears - the good, the bad and the wildly inappropriate.

Here's another installment of Cohenisms.

While we're in the car, Fancy comes on.  "Mom's so fancy.  She already knows," he sings.
The kid is wicked smart I'm telling you.

One evening when my sister was over, she was playing around with Cohen when he stops and says,
"Meme, you have a mustache like Papa."
I still can't stop laughing at this one.
And for the record -- she really doesn't.

On a weekly trip to Target, I look down in the cart and Cohen has completely opened a package, shredding it in the process.
"Cohen! You can't open that yet!  We haven't bought it!"
"Mom, are you going to be pissed at me?"
Seriously, how does he even know to use it in the right context??

Last week as our house was fighting the sickies, Cohen woke up in a panic at 4:00 A.M.
"Mom! I have a diarrhea!"
Oh honey.  It's more than just one...

Sunday when Cohen got up, he came into our bedroom.  I turned around to see him wrapped up in our curtain like it was a cape.
"Mom, you must bow to me now."
He's destined to be a Royal someday.  I'm convinced.

Lately he has been busting out these amazing buzz words when he talks.  My favs so far have been:
"Wow Mom!  This is inpedible!"  (Potato - potato.  Inpedible - incredible.)
"Mmm! Deeeeewishis!"

I hope when you get older we can look back at these posts and laugh together.  Cohen you are probably one of the funniest kids I know.  Now let's make sure that starts to outweigh the downright stubborn turd that you are capable of being some days.

Mom -- gimme your money!

Love you Monk!