Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today I am 31.
Well actually, tomorrow if you are reading this on Tuesday.
I'll have to admit, 30 was a pretty damn good year.  While I am still in disbelief that I have surpassed the 30 mark, I continue to feel that everyone around me is growing up yet I am still the quirky 18 year old giving my parents gray hairs.
Unfortunately I am growing up and I am not longer giving them gray hairs I am getting them myself.
In order to celebrate this birthday occasion, I have decided to share 31 things about myself that you either already know, had no clue about or you did know and totally forgot.

Now let me enlighten you my friends...

1  Cohen's due date was the day after my birthday.  I may have asked him to come early or later so we could have our own special days...

2.  My dad is an identical twin, my mother in law is an identical twin and my cousin has twin girls.  Now I will pray that the twin gene does not attack my ovaries if we decide for a third baby.

3.  I have grown up in the same house since I was 8 months old - and my parents still live there.

4.  My first car was a Geo Prism.  It had fake leather and a sunroof.  Too legit to quit.

5.  I was named Kaitlin Colleen with the intentions of calling me KC.  Obvi that one didn't stick.

6.  I have been to ten Kenny Chesney concerts.  Love me a man in tight jeans and cowboy boots.  Okay just Kenny actually.  

7.  If I could have any job in the world it would be a reporter on ENews.  Giuliana -- call me.

8.  Apparently Lauren Conrad and I are twins switched at birth.  Maybe that's why I have a mild obsession with Laguna Beach.

9.  I wanted to name Lola Britton Kait but Kurtis axed that one real quick.  Something about my obsession with the Royals going a little too far...

10.  I was my class Vice President for four years.  I'm not quite sure what I did in that position other than sell tickets for a prom fundraiser and get to miss first period.  But I am certain it looked great on a college application.  Hollaaaaa!

11.  Carrie Bradshaw is my idol.  I could live, breath and wear Sex and the City every day for eternity.

12.  Growing up we had this horribly mean cat named Bird.  I mean she was so awful that I would cry when I had to go downstairs at nighttime because I knew she was lurking in the shadows...and I was 16 years old.

13.  I won a goldfish in my third grade carnival and named him Sydney.  We went to dinner after the carnival and came back to find that he was gone.  The sucker had jumped out of the cup and fell underneath the seat of the car.  He lived for 21 years in a bowl on the hutch in my parent's dining room.  I can't make this up people.

14.  I lived on a co-ed floor my freshman year at IU.  Seriously it was fun at the McNutt-Bryan Floo  Molly Mesnick also lived on my floor that year.  Only people who watch the Bachelor will know who this C list celebrity is however

15.  You're looking at Goshen's Junior Miss 2002.  Yes I won a pageant.  Hell to the no I am not a pageant girl but I did win a computer.  What what.

16.   I was a day camp counselor for six summers.  The best job I've ever had I am absolutely sure.  DDC forever.

17.  On our honeymoon I had this amazing Sangria.  That night I got this not so amazing food poisoning from eating the fruit.  

18.  One of my all-time favorite shows is the O.C.  Now can you figure out who my favorite character was on the show?

19.  I touched Kenny Chesney's hand at a concert as he drove through the crowd on a golf cart.  I then called my mom crying like a baby to share the news.

20.  My sweet Gram passed away on my birthday seven years ago.  Kurtis and I were married on her birthday six years ago.  It still feels like a special way I connect with her on these memorable days.

21.  When I was six weeks pregnant, a co-worker called me out.  She had lost her father a few years before and he told her in a dream to connect with me.  She was also barely pregnant with her a daughter.  Today she is one of my closest friends and I thank her father's spirit for bringing us together! 

22.  Brady is the first dog I have ever owned.

23.  The doctor told my parents I was a boy.  But I showed him!  Boo yeah grandma.

24.  I attended Catholic school for six years.  Thank God I was allowed to go to public school in sixth grade.

25.  I have known my oldest friend since we were three.  She could balance a beanbag on her leg and I thought she was the bees knees.  Who knew her trick would allow us to be forever friends?

26.  When I was eight I saw a ghost at the top of my parents' stairs.  He was a man standing with his hands on his hips wearing a cowboy hat.  Over the next ten years I encountered several other ghostly experiences in their house.  No I do not like to talk about it.  It totally creeps me out.

27.  I got cut from my senior musical.  It was totally a political thing I am 100% certain.

28.  I can not lie, watching Taylor Swift make an acceptance speech makes me cringe like none other.

29.  After a year in college I almost switched my degree to Political Science so I could become a lawyer.  Good thing I can laugh about that now.

30.  I met my husband at my summer job.  I used to write him love notes and hide them on his car.  I also used to ask me boss if she had anything for me to take to the office just so I could see him and crush a little bit more.  Summer loving, having a blast....

31.  I can't smell skunk.  I'm not lying.  I have some kind of immunity to it.

This year I plan to jump into my new age head first.  I have a lot of new plans, hopes and dreams that I can't wait to test and achieve.  The year 30 was big but I'm pretty sure 31 will be bigger.
Cheers to another year older, wiser and oh so much smarter.
Because let's be honest, I make 31 look good.


  1. Your cat sounds insane! If it got to you during the teen years, it had to be REALLY bad.

  2. Happy, happy birthday. I'd love not to be able to smell skunk. That is like an awesome thing. And I was the crazy woman who always wanted twins.

  3. what a goldfish that lived 21 years? That's amazing! And happy belated birthday - as I am soon to celebrate my 41st... you're still a youngin ;)

  4. Happy birthday! You look so young (and are young!). I love your list. It's so personal and quirky!

  5. Happy Birthday!! And that Vice President thingy on your Bio Data is huge! :)

  6. Happy bday and thanks for sharing some fun insights about you and your life!

  7. Happy birthday, a bit late! Thanks for sharing these personal facts, I'm happy cause they made me feel closer to you :)