Lola Girl is 10 Months

Thursday, September 25, 2014

They say with your second child time flies by a lot faster and I would totally have to agree with that.  How are we already at ten months?!?!  I have officially booked a place to host her party, have purchased half of her first birthday outfit and have party planning on the brain. 
Lola girl, you are just getting so big!  The past month has been about balance and getting back into the swing of things.  I am almost nine weeks back to work and I'll be honest, it isn't getting any easier.  But that's for another day...

How is my little peanut just two short months away for her first birthday?  Lola is growing so fast and is at a really fun age.  I feel like she learns something new every few days and she amazes me with the new things she is trying to accomplish.  She is still a little petite peanut but a feisty one at that! I'm sure she gets that from her mama...

Here is what Lola girl has been up to lately:

Size: Miss Lola is still a little thing.  Not too little but definitely smaller than her brother was at this age!  I would guess she's around 18 lbs.  She is now in 9 month clothing and some 12 month, but those things are definitely a bit big on her.  I am so happy at how much use I have gotten out of her precious rompers and dresses.  We are now nearing fall which means moccasin season.  Seriously, I have a problem.  Little Girl still wears size 3 diapers and her feet are maybe a size 2 if I'm lucky!

Eating:  We are officially on all formula.  My supply completely tanked with the stress of work.  The drying up process this time was nothing compared to last time.  While I am a bit sad to have passed this stage I am so happy to no longer be a slave to that pump. Lola has four bottles a day and will eat about 22 oz, give or a take a few.  She LOVES to eat and sometimes I have no idea where she is shoveling all this food because she's so dang petite.  I'm trying to incorporate more table foods and less purees, however she isn't having it quite yet.  She has been a little under the weather the past few days and her gag reflexes have kicked in.  However the kid went to town on a Pluot from my GreenBEAN delivery this week.  

Sleeping:  Did you know there is a sleep regression around 9 months?  Oh well there sure is my friends and it's horrible.  Lola is a poster child for the Wonder Weeks and the leaps that go along with it.  However, we are finally at the tail end of this regression but now we are cutting four, yes four, teeth so we have been an even bigger mess.  BUT usually she will sleep 7:30-7:30 and it still is not uncommon for Kurtis to have to wake her up in the mornings.  Lola is struggling with naps at her sitter,but I'm pretty sure there is just too much fun she doesn't want to miss out on!  When she's at home she takes an hour and half nap in the morning and about the same in the afternoon.  Now if only her brother would get the memo...

Milestones:  Oh ten months you have been busy!  Sweet Lola is the fastest crawler and has the ability to find any and every set of stairs.  She also has figured out how to climb up the stairs which has made me a nervous wreck.  I put up the gate at the end of the stairs and oh let the dramatics begin!  She kept sadly crying and sticking her hand underneath the gate like she was saying, "Why me?!"  Lola also is a pro at standing and will pull herself up on everything. She will often stand by herself for several seconds like a biggie girl.  We have a couple push toys that she will stand behind, take one step and then decide she can chase her brother faster if she pushes it on her knees.  It's really hilarious.  Lola also cut her two top teeth finally and is now cutting two more bottom teeth.  When it rains, it pours I 

Lola loves to wave hi and bye to anyone and everything.  She also enjoys copying whatever her brother says too.  Her favorite words right now are, "Uh uh uh-oh."  Cohen started saying it one day and she just kept saying it over and over again.  She happily babbles Mama, Dada, Nana and Baba.

Likes:  Oh Lola, how you love your brother!  She truly thinks he's the bees knees.  Anywhere Cohen goes, there's Lola.  I'm trying to get him to realize how to be gentle but this is still a work in progress with little Brutus.  Lola also loves her bottle at bedtime.  It becomes a huge show if she doesn't get it RIGHT NOW.  I totally see a mini Verruca Salt when the kid doesn't get her way.  Oh and music, this kid LOVES to dance.  I'm quite certain she will enjoy the classics like her mother.  You know, bands like 'NSync of course.

Dislikes:  We are struggling with her over tiredness.  Since she barely naps during the day when she's at the sitter she is a huge grumpers all evening long, unless you hold her of course.  I get it kid, I hate being tired too.  She also has started protesting diaper changes.  I have to change her on the floor because she will arch her back and flip over the second I try to take off her diaper.  Lola has also started this horrible habit where she will throw herself backwards she gets pissed.  Such a temper child.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the next Lola update she is walking.  I am in shock that a whole year has almost passed.  I'm in even more shock that her brother will be four a week from Sunday.  

Miss Lola girl you are just the apple of our eye and the sweetest little thing.  You love to make us laugh and have such a good attitude, even when your brother decides to play rough with you.  Continue to be your sweet self, but it's okay to start growing hair now...  I mean I can only get so many headbands.


  1. She's adorable. My daughter was (and still is!) a tiny one too. I think she was 19 lbs at a year! Can't wait to see pics of her first birthday in a couple of months.

  2. Ahhh...such a cutie! I hate the "hate-diaper-changes" phase. When you have to put one leg on them to get the job done. Can't wait to see her walking!

  3. she's so smiley!! I love all her photos!

  4. She is just so cute. My son used to throw himself backwards when he was mad. I hated it and was always so sure he was going to fall.

  5. She's one of the cutest ever! I just love that you can really see her personality!

  6. She's so adorable, and is growing so quickly!

  7. What an absolutely cutie! She's growing up fast!

  8. Lola is so adorable! I love all the pics.