Weekend Shenannies - We're On a Boat...In Our Undies

Sunday, September 28, 2014

This weekend we headed up north to spend the weekend making our rounds to visit our families.  We hadn't really been home since May and recently we got news that Kurtis' grandma was sick, so we knew it was time to make plans to go see family.  

We got up there on Friday afternoon and got stuck in a huge traffic jam

Let's just say this was a true reminder of how much of a city girl I really am now.

It was a gorgeous day so we spent a lot of our time outside until we started to get attacked by bees.  And I ain't having none of that one.  We had a really nice time visiting with Kurtis' grandparents, his dad and step-mom and got to take Cohen and Lola on their first boat ride.  Cohen drove us around the lake...in his Superman underwear of course.

On Saturday we got to spend time with Kurtis' mom and step-dad, sister and her husband and their sweet little chunky monkey son Gavin.  Lola and Gavin are about the same size even though he is about four months younger.  Seriously how cute are these bald little bruisers?

On the way home both kids decided to take a nap.  We ended up letting them sleep in the car for awhile.  I was then reminded how it is a horrible idea to wake Cohen up...ever.  So I bribed him with a walk to the gas station to get whatever he wanted.  The kid spent $8.00 on Slurpies, Lunchables and Bugles and then suggested that I buy this hat for him too:

I quickly replied that I would next time.  Let's get real, $7.99 is a steal for a hat like that.

He also decided that he needed a coozie for his cup on the way home like his aunty Rah Rah.  This kid kills me.

The remainder of the weekend was spent with my family.  If I could have done anything else I would have met my two high school bffs for drinks but I was dog tired.  Lola decided to wake up from 3-5 on Saturday morning so I let her play while I caught up on my mom's DVR.  She had the entire new season of the Kardashians recorded.  Duh, we are related.  Plus everyone is sick with this nasty runny nose cold and with the lack of sleep it was wearing on us all.  But I'm glad we made a trip up there while we could.  The weather was absolutely amazing and it was nice to spend some time with the family other than during the holidays.  Lola has also decided to get brave and climb the steps at my parents house and do other big things like standing up on her own.

I did manage to get all of my laundry done today but there are a few other housekeeping items I need to attend to this week.  But I'm in no rush because next week is Fall Break --- hollllaaaaaaa!  Oh, and I turn 31 on Wednesday.  Don't worry, this time around I'm not taking it too hard.  Why? Because let's be real.  I make 30 look good.
Bam.  Boo yeah grandma.

 How was your weekend friends?

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  1. It looks like you all had fun! I went camping over the weekend and loved it. Going back again this weekend.