Good-bye Threenager. Four I Welcome You With Open Arms.

Monday, October 6, 2014

This guy is four.

Seriously, I blinked my eyes and he's now four.

It's crazy to think that I started this journey of motherhood four years ago.  I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant.  Time goes by so quickly!

This year was a huge year for Cohen.  The biggest adjustment was becoming a big brother.  I have to be honest I was really nervous about bringing Lola home and seeing how he'd react.  However one of my favorite memories of this past year was when my parents brought Cohen to meet Lola for the first time at the hospital.  He came running in, stopped and then sat down to take off his socks and shoes in my hospital room.  Apparently he felt at home.  The little nugget climbed into bed with me and wanted to snuggle.  Precious little guy.  But then he wanted apple juice and the excitement was over.  He has adjusted so well and despite the fact that he can be a little turd to her sometimes (I mean he's a big brother, come on now) this whole second sibling gig hasn't phased him at all.

Cohen is in his second year at preschool.  This year he's in the 3-4's room at school which is a lot more structure and academics than what he had last year.  I really love his school and he's learning so much.  My main focus at this age is to teach him social skills and how to be independent.  While I know he's learning beyond that, I'm definitely not that mom video taping my kid reciting his alphabet and colors in three different languages.  He's four.  Let him live a little and grow a love for school.  I've only had two notes home about behavior so no news is good news I'm assuming.  But you know what they say about people who assume.  It makes an ASS out of U and Me.
Let's just hope this isn't the case here.

Right now some of Cohen's favorites include Tom and Jerry, Ninja Turtles and Peppa Pig.  I like to refer to this combo as old, new and super annoying.  Seriously he could watch hours of Peppa and every time we go to the library he knows exactly where to find the Peppa books.  I guess it could be worse, but it still is not nor will it ever be my favorite.  Tom and Jerry has been his most recent kick.  He likes to tell me that his favorite is the mouse on Tom and Jerry.  When we find an unexpected episode on this kid's day is made.  Cohen is also into super heroes and Transformers.  This seriously melts my husband's heart.

The things that come out of this kid's mouth are beyond hysterical.  I have posted several Cohenism posts if you are a familiar follower.  He is also a parrot and has the most amazing sense of hearing.  Also known as mommy and daddy need to watch their mouths when Cohen's around.  For example Cohen informed me today he was taking a big ol' dump when I asked him if he was going potty.  That would be words of his father by the way.


This kid has the energy of the Energizer Bunny.  Days with naps are so far and few but we still make him have rest time in his room for at least an hour.  We find that he gets mean when he doesn't get enough sleep which turn into my least favorite times of the day.  The kid loves to be outside so you can find him most nights out riding his bike or playing in the backyard on his swing set.  I have to laugh because the kid doesn't know a stranger.  We will be on walk and he always has to stop and talk to people.  Once at the park he made friends with these kids there of course.  But as they were leaving he says to me, "Mom, I have to go hug my friend bye."  Apparently I need to work harder on teaching him Stranger Danger...

I have to be honest, three was rough around the edges when it came to his behavior.  You always hear things about Terrible Twos but those days mean nothing until you have a Threenager.  I'm not kidding.  I have lost count of the number of times I called Santa or threatened his birthday party.  And the birthday party threat was started in March.  My friends tell me that four is so much better and is seriously their favorite age.  I'm crossing my fingers this is the case because I'm running out of bribes.

Cohen Lee how have you grown up so fast?!  You are no longer our Coco because you are sure to inform us that your name is Cohen.  You are sweet, spunky and full of fun and life.  Every day you learn something new and I'm amazed at that little sponge of a brain that you hold.  You are you and no one will ever compare to my little man.  Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Coco bean!

To a great year and the survival of the Threenager,


  1. Happy Birthday little man.

    I hear you on three. I have a little lady who is in the thick of it right now and some days I am not sure we will make it to 4.

  2. He is so so cute and I can imagine all the joys you have when he starts chatting with you guys! Happy Birthday Cohen!

  3. Yay! Congrats for surviving! Threenager...LOL! Two has been ROUGH and not looking forward to 3, but yes 4 is a little reprieve! Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday Cohen! Looks like you keep your mom on her toes :)

  5. Happy birthday, Cohen! He's just completely adorable. And yes, time goes in a blink of an eye!