Pink, Gold and Glitter - A Glimpse Into Lola's First Birthday Party

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Today was a big day for Miss Lola.  We celebrated her first birthday full of pink, gold and all things glitter.  While everything didn't go as originally planned (the candy bar, the last minute change in venue) she was still able to celebrate her special day with the friends and family that mean the most.  Our sweet girl had a fabulous day dolled in her pink tutu, gold moccs and glittery headed.  I'm also quite certain she enjoyed her smash cake from the best local bakery in Indianapolis, The Flying Cupcake. In the end I'm so thankful that the day went off without a hitch and I have these amazing birthday memories I can share with her when she gets older. 

So serious.  All the time.  I refer to it as her model face.

Apparently when you're four you are too good to take for real pictures.

Lola and I are both thankful for our crafty Martha Stewart, Aunt Meme.  She gets creds for the shirt and paper garland.  Bam baby.

By the end of the night we were all feeling this this:

Happy first birthday, Sweet Girl.  We love you oh so very much!


  1. Happy Birthday Lola! I love her model face.

  2. Looks like she enjoyed her cake! I hope you all had a great day.

  3. Her headband is adorbs! It sounds like a wonderful 1st birthday. :)

  4. She sure put a hurting on that cake. I love seeing babies just go for it like that!