Weekend Shenanigans and Daylight Savings Sucks

Monday, November 3, 2014

Goodbye October.  Hello November.
October literally flew by in the blink of an eye.  I'm sure the fact that we were super busy and celebrated three birthdays didn't help to slow things down.  I have a feeling November will be just as busy with the holidays, break and Lola's first birthday.  For real.. Tears.

So how was everyone's Halloween?  Our was miserable.  Cold, rain and snow all in one evening.  It was a mess for better words.  My plans to cozy up the wagon with both kids and tote around the neighborhood as a family were quickly smashed by the 32 degree temps and the sleet which then turned into snow.  Cohen was still all about trick-or-treating.  I knew he'd be happy getting enough candy to fill his little bucket and then call it a night.  But Lola.  Oh no, the kid would cry at the site of her costume hence the fact she has no pictures in it.  So Kurtis took Cohen for 20 minutes while I snuggled up with Lolasita, with a BudLite in hand of course.

Seriously, the cutest Wolverine you ever did see.  And the mask totally worked to our advantage because it covered his whole face keeping it semi-warm.

Saturday and Sunday were spent doing a whole lot of noting.
It was all I could to get some cleaning done, but I got enough done to get me through the week.  My cleaning lady suggestion has come up once again and I think after the first of the year I will officially be able to hire someone to come clean.  It's the whole interviewing part that sucks.  But oh so worth it in the long run for real.  The less time I have to spend cleaning tubs and toilets, the more time I spend with my kids. It's a total win-win situation, Honey.

Did I mention how awful Daylight Savings is too?
Yeah for the extra hour of sleep!  Said no parent ever.  
My kids have been a hot mess since this whole time change.  Just another reason to be hatin' on Mitch.  Yo Indiana, Mitch was so not our man.  This Daylight Savings time thing is fairly new to use central Indiana folks.  That's why I bitch.  Okay, that's why we all bitch because let's be real here friends, why did we need to change something that wasn't broken?

But I did manage a little snuggly wuggly time with my favorite little guy.  We were able to make it to the library on Sunday and you'd think we took Cohen to the circus because he was so excited about our trip.  It melts my heart that he loves the library so much.

But the most important thing about this weekend was the fact that Lola had her first photobomb.

I will blame her Nana for this skill...

I'm already ready for the weekend.  How sad is that?
It's only Monday.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh my! I agree, day light saving sucks! I normally spend evenings outside with the kids and chickens and now it gets so dark so early that husband is missing this special family time with us.

  2. We live in Mississippi and it got down to 39 when we went trick or treating. Needless to say, it didn't last long. But we had a Darth Vader, the mask helped keep him warm too.

  3. Daylight savings really does suck with a small child. And I hate it as time goes on - there's barely any time to play outside after school before it gets dark!

  4. This is so so cute! He is really a very cute wolverine!

  5. It always takes my kids a while to adjust to the time change too. This year the dog is the worst, he keeps barking to go out way too early in the morning!

  6. What a cute Wolverine! My boys love superheroes and dressing up like them.

  7. I feel guilty but my weekend was great! Since my kids are grown, I really did enjoy the extra hour of sleep when we switched. Sorry!

  8. That is such a great Wolverine costume. I love it! Have a good holiday season!

  9. Our weekend was good , we went to the playoffs with our Oldest sons football team (Youth). They didn't win but it as the first time in 5 years that C-Team was able to go to the playoffs so we were happy with that for sure! We had a family reunion that was fun - I almost lost my purse at Wal-Mart last-night and today started off fairly good as well. I love the photo bomb! They're both Adorable!