Wordless Wednesday: I Am Thankful for a Teacher Bonus

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So I got a bonus last week.  Gotta be honest, 'bout damn time.  But I won't go on my Teacher Soap Box because  I'm sure you are all familiar with this song and dance.


I got my new fancy camera with this bonus.  
BOOM Baby!
I had fun yesterday taking random pics of my chicklets.  It is so nice to be able to see nice, quality pictures rather than pixelated (that's a word, right?) Iphone snapshots.  Plus I need to to get some better kid pictures to fill up the Christmas calendar for Nana and Papa.

This post really isn't a wordless post since I just rambled on about my camera and fabulous teacher bonus.  But here are my two favorite pictures from yesterday anyways.

See?  She does smile.

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. GREAT news! I love, and appreciate, my Superkiddo's teachers, and I am always elated to hear when others are showing appreciation to teachers. Congrats!

  2. These are supernice shots! Congrats on your new camera. That's at the top of my wishlist!