Merry Christmas to All in 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another year and another Christmas is in the books for the Baumgartners.  Last year we were part of the Zombie Club as Miss Lola was a mere six weeks old.  This year was a whole new ballgame.  Cohen was really excited for Santa and truly enjoyed every aspect of the season.  Christmas Eve was a relaxed one spent at home as we watched Christmas movies and anxiously checked to see where Santa was on the Santa Tracker.  Cohen was so wound up and I finally got him to bed at 10:00 as I was ready to go to bed about an hour prior.  But alas, the gifts were perfectly placed, stockings were stuffed to the brim and letters from Santa and Elfie had been placed out ready for the morning.  I even stayed up way past my bedtime to enjoy some alone time with my favorite Christmas character, Ralphie.  (I may be one of about ten people in the world who have no problem watching The Christmas Story multiple times during the 24 hour Christmas run on TV.  And  I also may be the only one that still laughs hysterically at Ralphie in the bunny suit.)

A Christmas miracle occurred the next morning as both kids woke up at 8:00 which meant I got a full 8 hours of sleep.
There is nothing sweeter than the sound of an extremely excited little boy as he sees Santa's loot for the first time.  As Cohen unwrapped his presents he kept saying, "This is the best Christmas ever!"   His excitement and joyfulness melted every part of my heart.  Miss Lola, however, wasn't quite sure what to think of everything going on as she lounged with her dad, drinking her morning bottle.  Presents weren't even a big deal and she would have much rather spent the time watching her brother play and open his own gifts.  This year's hit gifts were the BatCave for Cohen and Lola's pretend remote (which I may have thought I was buying her a play phone, oops).  We originally had planned to head up north later in the afternoon but my poor dad came down with the stomach flu.  But this gave us another day to enjoy some downtime to play with our new gifts from Santa in our Christmas comfies.  

It was a great Christmas and I'm excited to see what the new year has in store.  

Did I mention we also booked our Spring Break beach vacation on Christmas Day?
Once again...holllaaaa!

Merry Christmas my friends!  
What was your favorite part of the holiday?


  1. It looks like a perfectly magical day full of happiness. And woohoo for booking a vacay in the spring!

  2. looks like a fun and successful Christmas day! Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas. Looks like it was a great one. I can't believe you got to sleep until 8am. Mine were up by 6.

  4. YAY! It seems as if many children made the brilliant decision to sleep in this year. I am not complaining; I truly appreciated the sleep. You just reminded me that I need to book spring break...yikes!

  5. They're both so cute! Lola is looking partciularly adorable! Looks like a great Christmas.

  6. Blessed Christmas! And I love their jammies! so cool!

  7. oh that face with the phone! lol. So excited! Looks like your babes had a wonderful day! Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas to to you, too! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family!

  9. Happy babies on Christmas :) There is nothing better in the world.