My Winter Break Will Go a Little Like This

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I have survived half of this year already.  I'm not sure how I have done it, but I did.  This year has been more difficult for me.  The switch from a one child parent to two children parent was the biggest challenge, especially going back to work full time. But finding the balance between my job and home life - now that is the daily struggle.  Teaching used to be such a family friendly profession.  Sadly it has become less and less about family and more directed and controlled by leaders who have either lost touch with what it's like to be in the classroom or have never bee in the classroom at all.
Okay, getting off of my soapbox now...

Honestly I'm in disbelief that it's already time to think of resolutions for the new year (and ones that I can keep longer than 5 minutes).  I finished up my Christmas shopping today and now I just need an evening to spend 4 hours wrapping every. single. gift.
I do not enjoy that process.
But I do enjoy it with a nice cold beer.  Or even better a bubbly glass of Champs.
What I am the most excited about is spending the next two weeks with my little monkeys and my one big hunky monkey husband when he gets some time off of work.  This year I am crossing my fingers for no snow and hoping tropical like temperatures all winter long.
Oh wait, I'm in Indiana...
No, seriously.  If we have another winter like we did last year then you can find me in the Caribbean waiting tables because I sure as hell will not survive another freezing winter.  My body is not programmed for -15 degrees and 2 feet of snow.  Once upon a time I used to have a tan 365 days a year until I realized how terrible it was for me.  (Think Umpa Loompa.  For real, why did I think that looked good?)  Now I just resort to my bronzer to take me back to warmth and beach like weather when I'm down and sad and cold.
Since I have two weeks off here are the things I plan on doing:

1.  Attempt to catch up on my sleep
There is something about waking up to your kids as your alarm clock rather than your own personal one.  I'd much rather get up at 7:30 because my kids are up than because my alarm is telling me to do so.  I'm hoping I can catch up and maybe even create a bit of a surplus in the sleeping area.  Wishful thinking I'm sure.

2.  Spend as much time with my family
By the time I get home at 4:30 every night, I'm cooking dinner, carrying around a grumpy baby, trying to eat dinner myself and then it's time for the kids to go to bed.  Some nights I get to see Lola for maybe two hours, depending on if she got a good nap in at the sitter's or not.  I hate that, I really really do.  So I plan on playing, cuddling and loving on my stinkers as much as possible!

3.  Go on a date
My husband and I haven't been on a date since September -- that's a problem.  I am crossing my fingers to find a night where the two of us can get dinner and drinks and actually enjoy them without eating too fast to taste it and without a baby in our lap.  Hey Maggie -- you think you can pencil us into your schedule?

4.  Get my fitness on
With the flu ravaging through our house last week my workouts got put on the back burner.  But I convinced the hubby to give me my shoes as an early Christmas present..and because I accidentally took them out of the box on Friday and wore them to work out, and then put them back into the box like I didn't do anything.
Whatever.  You know you would've done it too.

5.  Spend some alone time with my DVR
I have about 40243923 shows that just keep piling up on the DVR.  I need to watch and erase ASAP.  Plus I want to blog about my most recent reality obsessions too.  I would call it working really.

I was hoping for a Saturday nap, but I probably should run to the grocery so we don't have to eat peanut butter and jelly for dinner tonight.  Now that is what I call mommy problems...

How do you plan to spend your holidays?


  1. We haven't been on a date since January. Yep, that is almost a year. I need to get out of the house NOW!

    I hope you get some sleep!

  2. Sounds like excellent plans. I would be happy if I could just cross "catch up on sleep" off the list for myself!

  3. Attempting to catch up on sleep is on my list too!!

  4. Those all sound like wonderful things. I hope that your wishes come true, especially that you can get some good sleep.

  5. We homeschool so I can only imagine what you have to deal with, you have my sympathy and respect for all you do! Good luck on your goals for 2015!

  6. You are such a stinker getting into those shoes early! It's funny as heck though.

  7. This is going to be a laid back holiday season for us with just our immediate family together. I like it! Really no one ever lies on their death bed lamenting they spent too much time with their children.

  8. I did a lot of binge watching on Netflix and had many lazy days in bed over winter break. Definitely my favorite way to end the year!