Sorry Elfie. Mom Was Tired This Year.

Monday, December 22, 2014

As much as I  would love to be, I am not one of those "Pinterest Moms" who can think of the world's cutest things to do with their elves.  This year it was just a miracle that Elfie was such a success in our household.  So I will call this our experimental year with the Elf on the Shelf.  My husband is pretty good at some of the hiding spots but I can't lie when I say there were several (okay probably 80%) of the nights that I had to drag myself out of bed just before I fell asleep to move him.  Next year I vow to be more fun with Elfie.

Now tell me moms, what can I use to bribe with when Elfie leaves us in two days...

Here's the best of Elfie - Tired Mom Style:
 Ahhh...Marshmallow take me away.

 Naughty or Nice?  You be the judge.

 Apparently Elfie is not aware of the 4 square rule.

 Peek a boo!

 Hangin' tough

That one time when you're a kid and you slide down the banister and rack yourself because you're going down too fast and can't stop.  Yeah, that just happened.

I'm in disbelief that Christmas Eve is two days away.  That means just two more nights to spend with Elfie until he heads back to the Northpole.  Elfie, thank you so much for allowing me use you as a pawn in my daily bribery commentary with my rotten typical four year old son.  I will not say goodbye to you, only see you soon because goodbyes are forever and we both know that you will be coming back to our household for as long as Cohen believes in you.

Maybe next year I'll have more pinnable Elfie images...


  1. We didn't do near enough with ours this year and honestly I was happy to put our Elf away! LOL

  2. We started our Elf tradition about three years ago and I definitely regret it now. I always make sure to do a few extra cute poses, but am usually just happy that we remember to move it every night.