The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I've been MIA for the past week due to several circumstances:
1.  Friday I woke up with some kind of bug.  No, I didn't throw up but I will spare you the details of how it did decide to leave my body.  Let's just say that moving around hanging stuff up and getting ready for our Cultural Bazaar was not helping my situation out.  Therefore I left work early and spent the rest of the day confined to my bed.  I have to be honest, I still don't feel 100%.  Maybe it's the ridiculous amount of junk food I have consumed in the past 48 hours...

2.  On Saturday Cohen woke up from his nap acting funny.  He then projectile vomited Exorcist style all over his room.  I spent the rest of the night playing doctor and trying to get the blue slushy he had at Target earlier in the day out of his carpet.  Luckily it was a quick bug, but I'm still wiped out from staying up with him all night.

3.  Sunday Lola woke up super congested with "runny" diapers.  The diaper situation ended by the next day but she was grabbing at her ear.  Why? Because she has ear infection #2 in her left ear since October.  Now she is super clingy and I'm about ready to have a melt down myself about it.

However, the one great thing about this week so far was Cohen's Christmas program.  Last year Lola was not even a month old but this year she was crawling under chairs and waving to make friends with every person that walked past her.  But Cohen, oh my sweet Cohen.  This kid melted my heart times a million.  He had sang his song for me earlier but to have the full effect is something in itself.  I'm not just saying this because he's my child but the second he heard that music his eyes lit up and he sang his little heart out -- he definitely was a shining star on that stage.  I took about a bazillion pictures in hopes that it was distracting away from my free flowing tears.  Seriously, every program I have I cry my eyes out - and I'm not even sad!  The whole thing was just so sweet.  I still can't get his little singing face out of my head.  Afterwards he was so proud of himself too, which made me melt even more.  These are the things you look forward to as a parent.

Well, and the day they decide that sleep is an imperative part of living.

I'm off to bed myself.  I need to make myself familiar with my treadmill tomorrow morning again after a week long hiatus...


  1. Oh it sounds like you've had quite the rough week! I hope it gets better for you! I had to take my three year old in to the doctor today due to a high fever. Something horrible is going around. Cohen is so cute!

    Visiting from BlogLovin! Have a great week!

  2. OH he is just too sweet! I'm glad he had a great program. and he totally should be proud of himself. He looks at home up there.

  3. Aww how cute is he?! I love the excitement the little ones have about everything during the Christmas season!