Try Something New with a Stocking Theme this Christmas Season

Monday, December 1, 2014

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It's crazy to think that the Christmas season is already here!  I mean, despite the fact that most stores have been blaring Christmas music and had massive holiday displays up in the store since October, it really is hard to believe that we are in the month of December.  Every year the holidays sneak up on me and I realize that I should have started my gift shopping like, yesterday.  But the part of gift buying that stresses me out is figuring out what in the world to get my husband.  It doesn't help he never gives me a list and if he does it contains things that are ridiculous, like a crossbow.  Or like the one year he asked for a compressor and I was all excited because I thought I had bought a compressor when in fact it wasn't a compressor at all.  (Don't ask how I managed that one.)  So what we usually do is buy each other a few big things and go big on the stockings.  You'd be amazed at how much can cost fit in one little ol' stocking.  I decided that I wanted to try something new with his stocking this year.  While I will still buy a few of his most wanted items, I decided to theme part of it around a date night for us together.

We just had a conversation the other night about how it has been too long since our last date night out together.  I mean we are talking probably three months.  Sad, I know.  But let's be honest -- when seven o'clock rolls around we are both ready for bed.  It's a sad reality but it is our reality.  Full time jobs and two kids will do that to you.  But I continue to remind him and myself that it was us before we added Cohen and Lola to our family.  We need to take time for ourselves again, so this date night stocking theme was the perfect way to guarantee a night for just the two of us.

But man we make cute kids.

 Anyways, I needed to grab a few more Christmas gifts so I headed to Walmart on a rare and kid-less shopping trip.  My stocking vision was being worked out in my brain as I ventured down the aisles.  I grabbed a few of our favorite snacks to share and a bag of chocolate.  Then I decided to pick out a new wax scent for our burner and grab a few of our favorite adult beverages.  Trying to pick out a movie he liked was out of the question, so I figured I would just make a coupon for an On-Demand movie of his choice (and hope it wasn't too horrible of a choice).  Finally I threw in super soft long sleeved lounging shirt and some thick socks for cozy cuddling.  As I headed to the checkout my eye caught the purple
K-Y® Yours+Mine package and knew that this was the final item for his stocking.

While I still managed to grab my husband a few of his random must-have stocking items, I'm excited to share my date night themed idea with him.  I'm excited to set it out on Christmas Eve because honestly, I think it is these little ideas that really mean the most.  Even though it may be a date night at home, it will be nice to spend an evening together without the distractions of electronics, internet and all the other things that seem to consume our time.  I'll just be crossing my fingers that both kids decide that sleep is a priority that night.  Better yet, crossing my fingers and toes they both sleep in back 8:00 A.M.  Now THAT would be the best gift of them all!

What special gifts do you buy your significant other for the holidays?

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  1. Men really can be so hard to shop for! My husband's stocking usually contains socks, a new tie, and some other practical items, but this "date night" stocking would be a lot more fun! #client

  2. I would be totally open to surprising my husband with something like this. He hates getting gifts so I might as well purchase something that benefits me too right?