Weekend Shenanigans - Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

With Christmas being on a Thursday this year, we headed up north to celebrate the holiday a bit more with our families.  I decided that now we have children and until they stop believing in Santa, we will always spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our own home.  There's something about that magically morning that I want my kids to always experience.  Plus I don't want to have to secretly drag each and every last present to Nana and Papa's house.  

Our original plan had been to head up there Christmas Day during nap time.  However, my dad who never gets sick, came down with the stomach flu.  Honestly I was really okay with staying in my Christmas jammies one extra day...

We got up bright and early Friday morning and hit the road.  And then turned around because I forgot my shoes.  But I'm a true believer in guardian angels.  Had we not turned around we would have witnessed a horrific accident.  The road was covered in black ice, which was not expected.  Literally ten minutes down the road we were detoured because of this accident and sadly we learned that a family of five people had lost control, crossed the median and ended up getting hit by a semi who tried to avoid them.  No one in the car survived.  After learning about the devastation of the accident I couldn't quite shake it from my mind.  It was a real and raw reminder of how precious our life is - another reminder to stop taking it for granted.

Since we were delayed a day with our celebrations, we had to squeeze two into one day.  We spend the morning and early afternoon with my family and then loaded the car up again and headed over to Kurtis' sister's house to celebrate again.  It was fun to see Cohen with his cousins, especially since he doesn't see them that often.  Kurtis and I always leave these family things and talk about how we need to have more of them because once a year just isn't enough.  But life gets busy, we live in three different cities and trying to coordinate schedules is quite difficult.  It was fun though and it's even more fun to see how similar some of their personalities are among each other.  Overall it was a nice Christmas, my kids were spoiled and I ate more candy than probably is legal.

We had planned on staying through Sunday but after seeing that accident Friday we weren't sure what the weather was planning.  So we headed up Saturday afternoon and it ended up being a glorious idea because both kids slept THE.ENTIRE.DRIVE.HOME. Even the dog was passed out.  We got home in the early evening, ate dinner and headed back out to spend some gift cards real quickly before bedtime.  Then Sunday we got up and took all of the Christmas decor down.  We usually keep it up until after the first of the year but with Lola climbing, standing and pulling everything off of the tree, it just made sense to put it away.  I was ready to have my living room back.  Now I need to clean my house.

Any takers?

How was your weekend my friends?

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  1. We do our own Christmas with our small family of five first thing Christmas morning and then meet everyone at our parents house later in the day for gift exchanges and dinner. It works out quite well!