Well 2014, Are You Really Leaving?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh 2014 where have you gone?
Is it possible that I feel like everyone else around me is growing up and getting older but I'm still the same ol' 18 year old frolicking around without a care in the world?  Okay, just kidding because I have real life problems I have to deal with now.  But, I really do feel like time has all of a sudden sped up.  It is absolutely crazy for me to think that last year at this time we were almost two months into our new journey as a family of four.  Now it's all about survival baby...

So I made some resolutions at this time last year too.  Yeah, I wasn't very good about sticking with them.

But here are a few of my favorite moments of 2014:

Maternity Leave
Seriously, I really don't have to say more about this because you understand the beauty of this leave as does Canada because they give their mothers AN ENTIRE YEAR compared to our measly six weeks.  I call bullshit...
However, my darling husband worked the budget around so I could extend my maternity leave as long as possible.  I was able to stay home with this sweet stinker until the end of April.  I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to stay home for over five months with my precious Lola girl.

Family Vacation to Northern Michigan
We ventured up to Northport, Michigan in July for our first family vacation.  It was a long long drive, but it was such a fun time.  We ended up splitting the drive up halfway in our hometown, so it was the best of both worlds.  Despite the chilly weather we enjoyed spending time together on our first family vacation.  I'm hoping we will be able to spend at least one more summer there before my aunt and uncle decide to sell this beautiful lake home.

Sweet Summertime 
 I enjoyed eight fabulous weeks of summer with both of my munchkins.  While this was a shorter summer than usual, we enjoyed the most of the splash pad, pool, water park and playing outside.  My family falls into such a great routine during these breaks as do I.  I mean we have it down from meals, to naps, to my workouts - it's heaven on Earth.  But every time I have some short of elongated break, it makes me long to be a stay at home mom...

Cohen Lee Turns 4
Mr. Cohen turned the big 4!  I'm still in disbelief that my little man is just a mere year from starting Kindergarten.  The things he has learned and the things he says just blows my mind - good and bad.  He is so kind yet the most wild child I have ever met.  I'm not quite sure where the kid gets his energy because it's not his food since he rarely eats.  Don't judge.  However, he has a heart of gold and I love being able to snuggle with him early in the mornings before his sister wakes up or during nap time when we curl up together in my bed.  Cohen truly loves his sister and there is nothing better than watching him grow into the best big brother to Lola.

Lola Girl Turns 1
Lola girl turned the big 1 in November!  Seeing this little one transform from a tiny infant into a busy and enjoyable toddler has been nothing short of amazing.  It is crazy to think how much one human being can grow in a year.  Watching Lola hit all of her milestones -  new teeth, sleeping through the night, standing, smiling, laughing, crawling and now walking, she just amazes us every day.  She has the sweetest temperament, enjoys all kind of food and loves nothing more than watching her big brother.  Even though our original plans of a huge bash didn't go off as planned, it still ended up being a special day for our sweet girl with the family and friends who really mean the most to her.  And I was still able to decorate appropriately with pink, gold and lots of glitter.

Mama Ran the Mini
I finally made it and ran the full 13.1 miles of the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.  After months of training, I ran the majority of the race with my racing teaching buddy.  My goal was to successfully run the whole thing, which I was able to do and it felt amazing knowing that I finally completed this race.  I've already been asked if I'm doing it again this year and sadly I don't think my life right now has enough time to train.  While I probably physically could do it, I think once was enough...for now at least.
Did I mention I took the most amazing nap post race?

Overall 2014 was really good to us.  I'm thankful for the ability to provide for our family, the health of our children and the fun and laughter we have endured over the last 365 days.  I'm hopeful for a fresh start and a new outlook on things as well as the chance to see if 2015 can top 2014 -- are you up for the challenge?

See ya next year friends! :)


  1. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I have been a long time reader but have never commented before. Lately it seems like everything you say applies to me more and more. I too am a teacher and I have an 8 month old son. I always loved my job, but I love it a little less since I had my son. Every break we have I dream of staying home for good. I love hearing about your family, your life, and Lola's adventures and can't wait to see what else you have in store. Happy new year!

  2. I've loved watching Lola grow this year! I'm glad you had such a great year!

  3. What a great cake Lola had for her birthday! I love it :) Since I had maternity leave in Canada (way back 19 years ago when it was only 6 months), I can say definitively there is a downside to it (actually a couple but I won't get into that because I know I'm way in the minority about it), and that is that you really, really don't want to go back to work when the time is up ;)

  4. She is just too cute. I can't believe she is already one though! Makes me sad because my 9 month old is almost 1 now too :(

  5. It seems like 2014 barely happened, because it went by so fast!

  6. I'm loving the recap, the pictures are so sweet!

  7. It's crazy how hfast the year went by and we're so far into 2015 too!

  8. The older I get the faster the years go and I just hate it. It looks like yours was certainly one to cherish and remember.