Baby It's Cold Outside

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My friends, it is cold.
And not just chilly I mean you walk outside and your nose hairs freeze to your nostrils.
It is so cold that my dog refuses to go outside.  Okay, so that may not be such a huge surprise considering he may be quite lazy, but it is so cold that I have shoveled a square for him to run out, do his business and come back in all in a matter of .348203 seconds.

But he sure is cute.

Do I need to remind you how much I.HATE.WINTER?

 I may have counted today and there are only 79 days until we leave for our beach vacation.  I may be just a LITTLE excited...

Yesterday was a two hour delay because it snowed and central Indiana does not know how to plow nor do people really know how to drive in it.
Today is a full out snow day.  While I am bummed we no longer have President's Day off, I am absolutely thrilled to spend a day with my kiddos.  I know I just had two weeks off with them but Monday was rough.  Miss Lola didn't sleep well so I didn't sleep well which then made me super emotional about leaving them both.  Plus Cohen woke up a tired wreck and was crying the first twenty minutes of the morning.  When my children act sad, it kills me.  Dagger people.  Dagger to the heart.

But, did I mention it is butt chapping cold outside?  Umm, yeah.  Like -20 windchill.
So I was totally okay with staying in our jammies and playing the day away.  I decided to keep them as busy as possible with blanket fort and pillow moats, painting projects that turned into finger painting because "it was faster" and cozy cuddles by the wood burning fireplace.  I even became wife of the year and put a pot of chili in the crock pot first thing in the morning.  Cohen is just dying to get out in that snow and isn't quite understanding the word no.  He told me, "Mom , it's okay.  I can go outside.  I just won't open my mouth."  The kid kills me.   I'm hoping by this weekend we can all bundle up and head out on a sled ride around the neighborhood. to get some of the stink out.

Want to know the best thing about today so far?
Both kids have been napping for over an hour - at.the.same.time.
(I'm doing the Happy Mom dance.)

It's already Wednesday, the middle of the week -- hollaaa!
Stay warm people.



  1. You're not kidding about it being cold! Staying home with the kiddies is a fun way to spend a day though, and that pot of chili looks so warming!

  2. we've had a few cold days here in Denver this winter, but it doesn't last long, thankfully. But I agree, staying inside is the best thing to do!

  3. It's super cold outside. It even snowed here in California for like the 2nd time in history. Staying in is a must.

  4. It's been crazy cold here, too, and I do NOT like cold weather at all. I've decided to hibernate... well a girl can dream!

  5. I hate, hate, hate winter, too! I can't stand cold weather either, but then again, I hate summer because of the extremely hot weather. I wish it could be fall or spring all year long.

  6. It has been very cold, I'm glad you guys are staying in and keeping warm.

  7. Would now not be a good time to share that we had a high of 79 today and my kids wore shorts to school? Sending you spring vibes!