Dear Husband, Here Is Why I Should Be a SAHM

Saturday, January 10, 2015

It is no secret that I have been campaigning for the last five months (or three years) to become a stay at home mom.  While my chances are about as good as winning the Powerball, I continue to work on this project daily with my husband.  My extra income is nice and allows me to make those extra Target runs without feeling too guilty.  The job also gives me a dose of sanity because of the adult interaction.   However, I can't help but dream of what my days would actually be like if I could stay home.

The past two days while I stayed home and Kurtis had to head to work, I decided what better time to make my move and show him that I could make being a SAHM look like a BOSS.  So what did I do?  Well, I'm here to share my tips with you friends.   My tips on how to convince your spouse to let you be a stay at home mom.

Channel Your Inner Betty Crocker
There is no need to whip out homemade cakes, cookies and casseroles.  But if you can do it then it will probably earn you more gold stars.  However, I totally feel that any route you take with cooking will earn you Brownie points as long as you can produce appetizing goodies.  I went the easy route first -- I made a pot of chili in the crock pot to help warm us up on our cold day.  I also made sure that you could smell it as you entered the house -- I learned that trick first hand people.  Cohen and I decided to bake some blueberry muffins the next day.  I was quite impressed with my Betty antics so I decided it was best to display these puppies in a fancy manner to solidify the fact that I indeed would be up to more cooking if I had more time to stay at home and do so.

Whistle While You Work
I'm quite certain that the one chore that I save for the very last is cleaning.  However it barely takes any effort to run the vacuum real quick and put the dishes away -- both chores that many times are designated for my husband.  You bet that I subtly made a point to address how much more time he had to spend with us since he didn't have to clean to the kitchen.  Hopefully he heard over his concentration and focus on his phone...

Picture This
My goal was to brag and plaster pictures of my children and myself all over social media to show how effortlessly I could handle two children.  Even though this isn't (okay 75% of the time) the case many days, it is all about acting, baby.  I also had to send him videos of Lola walking across the living room for the first time.  Hello, if I stayed home think of all the milestones I could capture and save for the rest of our lives! 

Martha Stewart Say What?
Lola is pretty independent.  Many times she is completely satisfied with a wooden spoon or bowl and can keep herself busy for a good five minutes before crying and pulling at my legs to be held.  Cohen however...the kid needs to be busy 24-7.  Maybe that's the boy in him.  Therefore we made "projects."  I'm talking paint, stickers, glue, glitter, buttons - the works.  And then I made sure to display them on the door so Kurtis would see them first thing after returning home from work.  You know, after a long day of course.  Kids crafts can usually be the icing on the cake my friends. 

Comfy and Cozy
Unlike our old house's gas fireplace, this house has a wood burning one, which means I actually have to work to keep the fire going.  But something about a warm fire with an evening cocktail can make it or break it.  My goal was to create a comfy atmosphere, with a warm fire and a craft beer on hand to just remind him one more time that if I just had the time as a stay at home mom, I could totally cater to his relaxing evenings.
*Disclosure:  I probably didn't start this fire on my own.  And it probably is a miracle if I can keep it going longer than 15 minutes.*

So my plan can go one of two ways -- the way I want it to go or it can completely backfire on me.  Unfortunately I think you can assume which one will occur but until then I will continue campaigning.

P.S. I'm usually pretty good at getting what I want.

P.S.S.  This is one thing I don't think I'm getting.



  1. Aww I'm sorry girl! I'm rooting for you!

  2. I hope that sometime in this year you are able to stay home. Just be careful what you wish for. Some days I am doing great just to get a shower. Other days I make Martha Stewart look like a joke.

  3. LOL - what a great post. Being a SAHM is sometimes like having curly hair, you know if you have it you want straight hair. Yeah,, like that except when you are a SAHM, then a lot of days, it's ... if I only had a job outside the home ;) No really though, I hope you get what you want. My daughter is 18 and except for a few part time jobs (because I HAD to get out of the house...see above), I was a SAHM and it was the best of everything.

  4. I don't know; it makes perfect sense to me! That chili looks delicious too.

  5. Good luck with your campaign :)
    I worked for several years outside of the home. I was miserable, not just because we depended upon others for childcare, but because that particular office was so inflexible.
    Working from home isn't always rosy; I'm often busier now than I ever was before.

  6. Well it looks/sounds like you made a valiant effort! I sure hope you can manage to be a SAHM if that's what you want. I know it has it's own set of challenges and there is definitely some pros and cons to both, but I am truly thankful I can be a sahm. Good luck!

  7. Well, I hope he sees things your way! That meal does look delicious by the way.

  8. Well, I hope it works out for you. In fact, I'm trying to get it so both my husband and I can work from home :)

  9. You definitely convinced me! I enjoy staying home with my children but am also glad to be a full time blogger so that I keep myself busy and bring additional finances to the table.