Project 52 - 1/52

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

With the recent purchase of my new fancy camera, I'm back to Mother Paparazzi - but with good, quality photos this time.  So what better way to document my growing-like-weeds children than with photos.  Project 52 is a picture a week of each of my children in the year of 2015.  I hope to be able to stay afloat with this promise.  I mean, it is just another reason to showoff my cute little kids just a little bit more...

This kid has some amazing bedhead.  As you can see, we recently cut his golden locks.  I love his hair this length - he looks like my little surfer boy.  My mom's good friend is a hair dresser as well as a mom of three boys, so she gets how to cut hair.  Now if I could only get him to give me a good, sweet smile instead of his cheese faces I'd be able to start his model portfolio.  Kidding, kidding...maybe.

My sweet girl was all about the snuggles this weekend.  I'm pretty sure we are either hitting a growth spurt or those molars are trying to cut through because she has not been sleeping, her nose is a runny faucet and she wanted to be held all day, every day.  She even woke up and let me rock her -- twice.  But she still is a cheeser as you can see.  Do you love her little shiner on her eye?  Mom of the year here - she was sitting on the sink and her hand slipped, with her eye landing smack against the faucet.  My heart still sinks at the memory of her rubbing her poor little eye.

Happy Tuesday friends!



  1. Awwww, poor little punkin with the shiner. There can't possibly be a child who makes it through their little'un years without some sort of badge of honor like that.

  2. Your babies are adorable and I just love their names as well. Good for you for playing photographer and capturing every moment!