Tips to Taming Baby Diaper Rash

Monday, January 26, 2015

Diaper rash sucks.  Seriously.  There is nothing worse than your sweet little one having a bum redder than Rudolph's nose.  Cohen and now Lola have gotten their worst rashes when they are teething.  And these teething diaper rashes are more than just redness.  I'm talking almost blister-like rashes that, let's be real, can not feel good.  So I've put together my top five tips on how I've handled these uncomfy diaper rashes to hopefully help some of you mamas too!

1.  Extra the Strength
When I start to see the little booty get red, I will cover both the bum and diaper in an extra strength diaper cream.  I'm partial to the Up & Up brand that is similar to Desitin Extra Strength(the purple label).  Check the labels and make sure the cream contains a high percentage of zinc oxide (40% or higher), that's the stuff that really helps soothe and calm the butt.  I will usually cover the rear and then load up the diaper with some extra protections since she is in the same diaper all night long.

As you can see ours gets used frequently.

2.  Footsie Tootsie
On one of the million trips that Cohen spent in the pediatrician's office his first year, his doctor suggested to try Lotrimin cream on a flared up diaper rash.  I thought he was crazy at first.  Seriously, the same stuff you use for Athlete's Foot?  But I figured I would try it because it would be one last prescription to buy.  I started by lathering up his irritated butt and then covering it more with an extra strength diaper cream before heading to bed that night.  The next morning it was like night and day -- his rash barely even red.  I did the same thing for Lola as she sprouted her molars and it has made a HUGE difference.

3. Rub a Dub Dub
There have been some days when I just feel like it's best to air out my child's poor bum.  So in the evenings I will let Lola crawl around nakey (and hope she doesn't poop on the floor - beware, it will happen) and then pop her into the sink for a quick soak.  As I fill up the sink, I will pour a bit of baking soda in to help soothe and calm the redness.  Then once we've soaked we will head upstairs for a regular bath but I find that baking soda is a great soother.

4.  Hydro-Power
My friend has two girls basically the exact same ages at Cohen and Lola so we will randomly ask each other questions about the similar milestones are kids are going through.  When both of our girls started to teeth, she told me to use hydrocortizone to help tame the diaper rash.  I have used it a few times and it definitely lessens the symptoms of the rash, so it was nice to have another go-to solution when needed.

5.  Change It Up
I know this may seem obvious but the more often you change the diaper, the better.  There have been times when Lola has had a blistery rash that is so bad that I have changed her diaper every 45 minutes- 1 hour.  Yes, that's a lot of diapers.  But when they are sitting in a wet diaper that only saturates into the rash and makes it worse, it makes sense to make sure your babe's rear stays dry to help eliminate the rash.

Hopefully you find some ease with your tot's diaper rash.  I'm not a doctor but I can share my tips that have worked through the experience of two children.

Any tips that have worked to ease diaper rash on your little ones?



  1. Oh, I hate when babies suffer! Diaper rash is the worst!

  2. Great tips! I agree that diaper rash can get nasty, fast! I always enjoy a little time to air dry... and pack the super duper strength creams for when it starts to flare up. Luckily my 3rd kid has barely had it.

  3. It's a good thing you have a close friend to bounce ideas off of. We just used a bit of corn starch and that seemed to keep our little one rash free.

  4. I'm not sure I ever thought to put it on the diaper itself. That's really smart!

  5. Diaper rash is such a bummer. I always felt so bad for them. These are great tips for bring relief.

  6. Wonderful tips! My daughter was prone to the worst diaper rashes because of her sensitive skin (I suspected that she was allergic to regular diapers) and hardly anything helped but corn starch baby powder.

  7. These are great tips, putting it on the diaper itself is smart thinking.

  8. Always good to make sure you change often!

  9. My son had very sensitive skin and would get diaper rash easily. I was worried at first people thought I wasn't diapering him enough or keeping his bum clean, but he just was prone to diaper rash. Some babies are more than others.

  10. Luckily my kids never developed diaper rashes but I always made sure to change them very often.

  11. Great tips, my friend is dealing with this now. I'm going to have her read this.

  12. My son often has it and we strugle with it in so many ways... he has problems with regular stool as well. I tend to leave him without diaper as much as possible.

  13. We always used a brand of cream called Penaten, it's a German brand that my mom used on all our bottoms. It's a combination of a petroleum jelly and zinc oxide and it worked miracles on rashy bottoms. The stuff was super expensive even 18 years ago when my kid was a baby, but cleared up diaper rash so fast. Heaven forbid that little hands got into it though.. that stuff was dang hard to clean off, even from clothing and the change table pad because it was so thick and pasty!

  14. I used pretty much everything with my son, he has terrible skin! I have found that Vaseline and aquaphor can really help! I also use essential oils, both lavender and frankincense, add a drop or two of each to some coconut oil and rub into rashes or any skin problem!

    1. I always forget about coconut oil! That stuff is the go-to for all things in my life!