Weekend Shenanigans - All Good Things Come to an End

Monday, January 5, 2015

We celebrated the last weekend of Winter Break by accomplishing nothing.  
Well, actually we cleaned and organized a bit (or not really at all) but really we just hung out in comfies and played, played, played.
At our weekly Target run, I nabbed a bunch of bath paints from the dollar bins.  It was probably the best $3 I have spent in a long time.  Lola is starting to transition to one nap a day, so she has been nothing short of Grumpy McGrumperson.  Cohen had decided that naps are for wussies so he's a real gem when 4 o'clock hits.  Therefore we decided that an afternoon bath was just what we needed -- and it allowed me to maintain my sanity for a solid 40 minutes.  I let the two of them play until their fingers were prunes and their teeth were chattering.  But they were loving every second of it!  It makes me excited for summer because the two of them are such water babies and I can't wait to spend the hot afternoons at our neighborhood pool.

I organized the basement this week and after our weekend down there I wondered why I bothered.  Well, I know why.  Because it would drive me crazy if I didn't at least attempt to have some order down there.  I have a huge Goodwill pile I need to drop off but after Christmas it made me realize how much my kids really DON'T need.  It's kind of a problem.  But Cohen is all about building forts and playing the Big Bad Wolf these days.  He also makes me be Goldilocks and then he chases me away when he finds me sleeping in Baby Bear's bed.  Lola has developed an obsession with her adorable IU hat.  Let's be real here, this kid makes this hat look good.

Yes, we finally cut Cohen's hair.  Actually, his favorite Cousin Gail cut it.  That's really the only reason we go home.  Kidding...

I'm attempting my first day back at work with my new outlook and attitude.  One semester down, one more to go.  It's totally doable.  

I will keep telling my friends and myself, "Just keep swimming..."

How was your weekend?  Care to share?



  1. They are too adorable! Remember when bath time was play time?

  2. Aww, they are both adorable. Especially Lola in that hat!

  3. We had the best time over Winter Break and I was heartbroken to see it end. I now refer to those two weeks as hibernation.