Weekend Shenanigans - Sniffles, Cuddles and PJs

Monday, January 12, 2015

This weekend was a big ol' bummerooski.
Okay, well not all of it but a few aspects of this weekend plain out sucked.  Well, just the illness and ice storm.  So I guess that's it.

First, Miss Lola spiked her first high fever accompanied by chest and nasal congestion.  I immediately became Mom the Worrier and woke up to every sound and move she made on the monitor. By Saturday morning the fever had already broke and she was back to her self a little bit more, but she's still quite congested.  When I look on the bright side I am extremely lucky to realize it only took her thirteen and a half months to get her first real illness (besides two ear infections).   Crossing my fingers our Sweet Pea is up and on the mend now!

 It's a hard knock life.

Our neighbors invited Cohen over Saturday afternoon to play.  The kid was in heaven.  He loves our neighbors so much but we've barely seen them this Fall and Winter, so this play date made his day.  This play date always gave Kurtis and I three whole hours to ourselves.  Okay, Lola was here but it was so weird to feel like parents of one child again.  Lola was so excited she didn't want to nap.  Wah wah.

Sunday is for comfies in our household.  I had a meeting in the early afternoon but you better believe that those yoga pants were back on in a flash's time.  They had been predicting an ice storm to begin Sunday afternoon and unfortunately, they were right, which means Snow Day #3.  Entertaining a busy four year old is hard my friends.  So what do we do?  Just build another fort in the living room.  Cohen's imagination these days just blows me away.  He turned the fort into a bird's nest, then created fire bombs out of Legos to scare away the ghosts and Big Foots (don't ask) and then ate dinner and played his iPad in the dark cave.  I'm trying to teach him how to play more independently but he is always asking me to play with him.  Then when I do play with him I never play right he tells me and makes me talk in a certain voice, say exactly what he wants me to say and move my arms in the exact motions that he wants.  So I lose either way.

As you can see, Brady got some loving too.

We also enjoyed our random dance party.  Both my of my kids have stellar moves.

What didn't I get done this weekend?
None of it.  
Luckily I'm off today with Miss Lola so I can do it now.  But it probably won't happen.
**Update:  It is now 2:30 and I'm sharing Teddy Grahams with Cohen.  The vacuum is still in the closet.  You be the judge.*
However, I'm sure it would happen if I could stay at home full time...

Cheers to a new week!  Crossing my fingers it goes by fast!



  1. Aww, so glad little Lola is feeling better now and that Cohen had a chance to play at the neighbors (and that you and Kurtis got some time to yourselves too!)

  2. poor baby girl. Glad she got better rather quickly. And no cleaning? sign me up! lol

  3. Ha! I love the update. It's 2:10, and I still need to finish the chore I started this morning. Life gets in the way some days.

  4. I'm glad your little one is feeling better. As for all-day pajamas, that's an every day part of life in my family :)

  5. I think it's ok to skip cleaning every once in awhile and share some Teddy Grahams.

  6. I'm glad she's feeling better and Cohen got to play. These are adorable pictures.

  7. Poor girl! I hope she's feeling much better by now. My household has been sick off and on for the past couple of months. This weather!

  8. I've learned the cleaning will always be there but the kiddos won't always be young so enjoy the time. Hope your little girl is feeling better.

  9. I hate when weekends get ruined, especially by illnesses. I am sorry that happened but your daughter's awesome headband would certainly have me feeling better!