Why I Don't Make Resolutions

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a new year my friends!  The chance to make the next 365 nothing short of amazeballs!  Seriously though, I'm not a fan of refutations.  Why you ask?  Well, for one because I'm not able to stick to my resolutions for longer than 9 days.  That's an approximate average actually and might be a quite high average.  But the main focus for me is start the new year off fresh and let bygones be bygones.

I did this same thing last year, so I thought I'd do it again for 2015.  I want to make a personal list of things I want to add to my life, discard from my life and some new experiences for the year of 2015.  So here goes nothing..

Three things I wish to add to my life in 2015
1.  Date Nights
My husband and I had our first date night two nights ago for the first time since September.  Umm that's not okay.  A date night doesn't have to be fancy dinner.  But maybe a quick trip to the tavern up the road for a Blue Moon or an evening spent browsing at Target (okay, like this would ever happen but it was worth a shot), but I really want to plan one night a month at the least where my husband and I get a sitter and go out and act like adults.  Enough said.

2. Positive Vibes
This last past semester was rough.  I love my class, I love my team and I love what I do but there are other things that quite frankly have made me (and my other coworkers) nothing short of miserable.  So this new year I plan on buckin' up and heading back to work with a positive outlook on why I have fallen in love with what I do.  Honestly I if I don't change my vision I'm not sure I can make it the remainder of the semester without having a complete breakdown.  A positive attitude can go a long way so I'm going to focus on keeping my chin up and doing what I love the way I should be doing it.

3.  Workout Variations
While I love a good run (as does my mind) I want to change up some of my usual workouts and test my limits to try new things.  I'm heavy on cardio but would love to add more strength training workouts.  I'm hoping to make it to a TRX class as well as attend a few spinning sessions.  I have also played with the idea of getting my TurboKick certification at some point this year too.

Three Things I Wish to Discard
1.  Technology Distractions
Man, I was great about this but lately haven't gotten pretty horrible.  My plan is to keep my phone out in case of phone calls and that's it.  I don't want to be stalking social media until AFTER the kids go down.  Sadly by the time we get home and after the exhaustion sets in, I only get about three hours with my kids every day.  I need to spend this time with them - not Facebook.

2.  Negative Nancy
This kind of goes along with my positive attitude but I want to work on looking at things less negative and more as if the glass is half full.  Negativity doesn't make anyone look cute...even me.

3.  Poor Eating Habits
The Lord has created me with an extra gene that is obsessed with Cheetos.  I went for several weeks doing a great job of staying on track, choosing my cheat meals and snacks wisely and keeping up with my water intake.  Lately it has gone to crap, which I honestly think hasn't helped my mood or desire to maintain my workouts.  Now, I don't plan on completely cutting out all things horrible for you, but I need to pick my battles.  For example if I choose a cookie from the teacher's lounge then a doughnut later on in the day really isn't an option.  Note to self:  Probably would be wise to stay away from the teacher's lounge.

Three New Experiences to Add This Year
1.  Family Beach Vacation
Okay, this is kind of a cheat one because we've already booked our Spring Break trip.  However, I want to enjoy this trip with my family and be flexible, not uptight.  So please Southwest, be good to us.

2.  Run Three New Races
I'm hoping to add the Color Run to the list this year!  But I want to do at least three races - 5Ks or 10Ks.  Probably not the Mini again -- unless I get talked into it.  Actually, I will run the Mini again if my husband says he'll do it with me.  Oh Kurtis...

3.  Blog Conference
I want to network with these other bloggers that I follow!  While I'm not sure how big of a conference I want to attend, I really would love to do some kind of meet up to meet other bloggers and get my blog out there.

I think my key word for this year will be BALANCE.  How can I maintain balance in my everyday life while still maintaining my sanity?  
Or is that called survival?
Either way I plan on making the absolute best of the next 364 days!

 What are your plans for 2015?

To a new year my friends!  Cheers!


  1. I don't have any real goals or plans. Is that wrong? I just want to have a great year with my family.

  2. These are fabulous lists! Triple amen to date nights, and technology distractions. We have been so guilty over here lately...geesh...

  3. ooh that's an awesome list which is so focused! All the best esp to those date nights! :)

  4. Sounds like some great ideas for the new year! I'll be attending Blogger Bash & Blogher in NY this year. They are fantastic conferences and both are on the same week!

  5. Your year sounds pretty great to me! I like what you have planned. I haven't set my own goals yet!

  6. I agree, I stop making resolutions...I make goals! Love this.

  7. I don't make resolutions either and prefer to call them goals. I also feel any time of the year is a great time to make one. I really like your list!