Three Beauty Tips to Help You Maintain Super Mom Status

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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We can all agree that motherhood is absolutely amazing.  The love and bond you create with your children is beyond imaginable.  But what nobody tells you about is "that other stuff."  Moms, I think you know what I'm referring to right now.  For example, those days when you realize you haven't showered in two days and you can't remember if you brushed your teeth for the day.  Also, those moments when your son just used black marker on your couch cushion, your daughter spilled her snack bowl on the freshly vacuumed carpet and your dog got into the dirty diaper pail.  But it all comes with the territory when you sign up to be mom and you gladly take it with stride.  Whether we want to admit it or not, it really is hard to look like Super Mom each and every day.  But, have no fear, I'm here to help.  It is time I share with you my three beauty tips and tricks that have saved me from looking like I emerged from the darkest cave of doom.  These tips can help you fake it on the days where Super Mom just doesn't come naturally.

1.  Dry Shampoo
If you haven't invested in this amazing beauty tool yet, you sure are missing out.  Dry shampoo is perfect to use on those days when you have early appointments, have to drop the kids off at school or want to make your husband think your day was a breeze.  You simply spray, brush and style.  I'm not even going to tell you how often I sometimes go between hair washes because dry shampoo has saved my life.  It smells great and makes my hair fresh.  In Mommy vocab that means my hair doesn't look like a grease ball or smell like last night's batch of oven baked tater tots.  For less than $5, this is a beauty tool that won't break the bank yet help you step up your Super Mom game.

2.  Bronzer and Gloss
Okay, don't freak out when you see the word "bronzer."  I'm not talking about turning into an Oompa Loompa.  If you use it sparingly you can add just a bit of glow to your ghostly pale winter skin during these drag and frigid days.  I literally add a pea size to my morning moisturizer to help brighten my face so I look alive, rather than dead with deep, dark bags under my eyes.  Then I finish with a tinted gloss to add some pizzazz to the look.  You will totally pull off the "plain, not really trying yet I look like I could do this all day with my eyes closed" look.  Plus it pair perfectly with those form fitting yoga pants.

3.  Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste
Let's be honest with each other.  If you want to survive a day, it must be started off with coffee.  But with coffee comes teeth staining.  And who has time for lengthy whitening treatments?  On  a recent trip to Walmart I was able to find a simple and easy solution to this problem.  Colgate® Optic White® Express White has two times more of the professionally recommended whitening ingredient (when compared to Optic White Sparkling Mint toothpaste) and can whiten your teeth in only three days* - just by brushing!  It is a fast and easy way to brighten and whiten your smile basically without any effort.  It helps me feel a little less guilty about that second cup of coffee knowing that I can still maintain and show off my whiter teeth.  My husband even asked me if I had whitened my teeth.  Why how sweet that you noticed, Honey!  But do you really think I have time to do that in my Super Mom schedule? (wink wink) 

Motherhood is ridiculously amazing.  But like everything else there comes the good days and those not so great days.  But there's no need to feel bad about not being able to live up to the Super Mom title every moment of your children's lives.  Sometimes you need to fake it, to make it.  

Moms - What is your beauty tip to help you feel like Super Mom?
Also, what can whiter teeth in three days mean to you?


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 *For best results, use as directed for 4 weeks

Project 52 - Week 8

Monday, February 23, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, every week in 2015*

We are in a huge Ghostbusters phase right now.  I turned around the other night and he had my sunglasses on like this and was running around "chasing ghosts."  One morning I walked downstairs and he was sitting at the table eating breakfast with his snow boots on, a mini backpack and a squirt gun at his side.  Cohen looked up from eating and matter of factly informed me that, "I'm taking a break from getting the ghosts, Mom."  His imagination is amazing and I pray that he never loses it.  At the wise age of 4, Cohen is such a creative soul.  It blows my mind.

Oh sweet Lola, how she loves the outdoors.  In small doses of course.  She wasn't having a thing about putting on this snowsuit but the second you start pulling her around in the sled, she was happy as a clam.  I'm excited to be able to get out the wagon this spring and the little car that Cohen used to love when he was this age.  The swing set will get tons of use this spring as well.  I just need Sophie to come down and pick up the dog poop in the backyard first....
Kidding.  Sorta...


Weekend Shenanigans - Sledding with My Homies

Sunday, February 22, 2015

We started the weekend off with a 2 hour delay on Friday for freezing cold temperatures.  If you're a teacher then you understand how fabulous these delays are in the teacher world.  There's no day to make up and you get 2 extra hours to actually plan and work!  We have another one tomorrow so I'm seriously going to be caught up on work for the first time since August.

You think I'm kidding?

Saturday was also supposed to be a HUGE winter storm.  Yes.  It snowed....a whopping 4 inches.  And the roads were slushy until they plowed but other than that it was fine.  Kurtis and I traded in one of Cohen's old car seats to upgrade for Lola peanut and then played for a good hour outside in the snow.  Okay, Kurtis and Cohen did with our neighbors while Lola and I played for about 20 minutes and then enjoyed the warmth of our home.  It was good to get Cohen out and let him play off some of his stink.  It's supposed to be frigid again this week so any chance to get him outside is necessary.

Sunday is for lovers my friends.  We normally stay in our jammies all day and play, eat and take naps.  It is super glorious and usually necessary after a long week.  Kurtis is still in the process of building our dining room table so Cohen, Lola and I decided to stay toasty in the basement together.  I love that anything Cohen does, Lola does it too.  That goes for his food too.  She is super stealth at stealing his food.  After a decent breakfast of fruit and biscuits and gravy, Lola decided that Cohen's pancakes sounded good too.  Don't even think about taking them away from her either or you will get the Wrath of Lola.  These fits are no joke.

Here's to another week of more (hopeful) delays and the realization that Spring is just around the corner!

How was your weekend?

Project 52 - Week 7

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

Naps are nonexistent these days, which breaks my heart a little bit I can't lie. However, we recently have found a favorite spot in the basement together, snuggled under our blankets with the space heater blaring on high.  But on Sunday, as I was getting ready to drag my blanket beside him on the couch he informed me that it was his "quiet time" and he "needed to be left alone with some peace and quiet."  So I walked back upstairs feeling sorry for myself but was also wondering if he  is starting to fully appreciate the beauty of a good rest time these days.  

We have finally surpassed the horrible molar hump and are seeing a bit more of our sweet little girl.  She definitely played sleep catch up this weekend and has been back to her talkative and loving self.  The girl loves her some music and freely moves to the music.  Kurtis said that everyday he gets her out of the car to take her into her sitter's house she is jamming away in her seat.  I love that both of my kids enjoy music as much as I do -- I foresee many concerts in our future.


#TeacherProblems - Volume 1

I'm in my ninth year of teaching (I know, I'm in disbelief as well) and every year that rolls by my friends and I talk about how we should write a book with the things that happen in our career.  I'm talking the good, the bad and the absolutely absurd and cray cray.  With this in mind, I have decided to start a post appropriately titled - #TeacherProblems.   Obvi there will be multiple volumes, but we will start with Volume 1 today.

Here are some of my favs from the past and present.

After my first year of teaching, my district decided to close our school and we were all shipped to different elementaries within the system.  This was also my first year as a "Mrs." but after the class I had the previous year, I deserved this amazing group of sweet little first graders.  Probably one of my favorite groups of firsties to date.
Daniel - "Mrs. Baumgartner, my name isn't Daniel anymore."
Me - "It's not?  When did I miss this?"
Daniel - "It's Indiana Jones.  Can you please change my name tag?"

He also insisted on writing Indiana Jones on his paper until I insisted that if he chose to write Indiana Jones, he also had to include his real hyphenated last name.  It was too long and therefore Indiana Jones did not last.


We had spent almost a good week reading and learning about Helen Keller.  This was my reading assessment about the story.  Please note, students could even USE THE BOOK.



The following quotes are from the same student.  We will refer to him as Buddy.
Buddy - "Mrs. Baumgartner, my mom has no teeth."
Me - (imagine the look of shock on my face as I say this) - "Umm, what?"
Buddy - "Yeah, the dentist took them all out.  She's getting new ones next week."
People.  I can't make this up.  

Buddy - "Sorry my Daily Math isn't done.  I was taking a dump."

Every year on the 100th Day of School I love to have students write about themselves when they are 100.  This year I had some amazing pieces including dancing with canes, playing Bingo and this one, about after life nonetheless:

If you are this clever when you are dead you will be the leader of the pack my friend.  Seriously.  Best response ever.
  Just don't come back after me please.

This is just a small portion of what I have experienced in my teaching career.  Be ready for Volume 2.  I'm sure it will only get better from here.


Weekend Shenanigans - XoXo

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oh Monday Blues how you hit me every. single. week.
Are you with me?

Once again we had a family weekend together with nothing fancy planned.  These seem to be the norm lately and I'm starting to look forward to hanging out in my yoga pants with my little family all weekend.  Really.  I'm completely okay with not going anywhere and staying put together.

Even though Saturday was Valentine's Day, we decided to stay together with a fire, movies and order in pizza from our favorite local pizza place.  Kurtis and I aren't huge fans of this holiday because we both feel that you should celebrate this day every day!  Lola had a rough week of sleep, teething and diaper rash so she needed to play sleep catch up this weekend anyways.  I was able to sneak out and get Cohen a haircut and go on a lone Target trip with him, which is very rare these days.  He kept saying to me, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom!"  He is so sweet these days and definitely turning into more of a mama's boy than ever before.  Later that day Cohen got to share with Lola some bubble fun and her reaction was priceless.

Both kids were in bed by 8:00...and Kurtis and I were asleep by 9:00.

Sunday was another day of snuggles and pjs all day long.  Cohen and I got some painting in while Lola decided to take a three hour nap.  I actually got the ENTIRE house cleaned - including the bathrooms, which is a true miracle.  Kurtis decided to make us a new dining room table.  Seriously, how lucky am I to have such a handy husband?  The only thing that didn't get touched were my stack of papers I brought home to grade.
Wishful thinking.

Maybe I can get her a real one for her next birthday...

I'm off to lay in bed and watch Andi Dorfman ugly cry on this Bachelor special.  Are you as uncomfortable as I am?

Happy Monday, Friends!


Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Lova

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I have to be honest, I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan.  My husband and I don't go all out because shouldn't every day be Valentine's Day anyways?  Plus the restaurants are always overcrowded and when it's 8:00 I'm ready for bed these days.  

But it's always fun to get my husband something a little small and not over the top.  I like unique and original gifts -- ones I know he will truly appreciate despite the day.

Here are my four top gift ideas for you man this Valentine's Day;
1.  Local Beer
Nothing says "I love you" more than a cold brewsky.  Seriously.  My husband and I love specialty beer from local breweries.  One our favorites is here in Indianapolis, Sun King Brewery.  Two words my friends - Cream Ale.  Plus on Fridays you can fill up a growler for only $6 -- a perfect gift plus you can support a local business! 

2.  Vintage Specialty T-Shirt
I love these vintage t-shirts.  First off they are super soft and again, made from a local company here in Indy - Hayes and Taylor.  This shirt is one of my favs because obviously it's old school IU but it's not a cheesy screened shirt.  Classic and worn - perfect fit.

3. Old School Shaving Kit
I got Kurtis this cute little shave kit in lemon scent from a store called the Art of Shaving.  For around $25 you can get your man feeling fresh with this fun shaving starter kit!

4. Portable Speaker
I would have to say this is probably one of my best random gift purchases ever.  It's a Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone or iPad and you can blare your tunes basically anywhere.  This thing is perfect for summer nights on the patio, when you have family or friends over to your house or most importantly, when you are having dance parties with your kids while you cook dinner.  They usually run around $30 and I found this fun one on Amazon.

Now hurry up and score a snazzy gift for your man....and maybe he will treat you to the new 50 Shades movie.
Just saying...

Question Ladies:  What's do you like to buy your lova for Valentine's Day? 


Project 52 - Week 6

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

There's something about a little boy's hat hair that melts my heart.  I know I say this all the time but he is growing up more and more every day.  Kurtis took him to work on Saturday and hadn't planned on staying long.  However, a situation came up and he had to help out last minute so Cohen had to go to KidZone (the kid area) by himself - and he ran right in with no problems at all.  Sigh.  When did my baby get so big?

I'm quite certain that she might kill me for this picture in fifteen years, however Miss Lola, this has been your face and attitude since Sunday.  I'm getting pretty good at being able to drown out the world's loudest scream (I'm not kidding.  The kid has some serious lungs.)  Molars, ears and being overly tired are a horrible combination.  But can we get two claps at the fact that I was able to put a bow in her hair for a moment?


Weekend Shenanigans - Spring Fever

Sunday, February 8, 2015

This weekend was glorious.  The weather was in the 50s and all of that snow we got from our pretend Winter Storm has melted away.  While the weather was wonderful and we all got a taste for Spring, the high on Thursday will be 27.
Indiana weather is dumb.
I woke up Saturday to the sound of little feet running into our bathroom.  A few moments later I was startled by Cohen's voice, "Mom, I just took a dump."  Okay, so that may be TMI but admit it, you laughed.  Later we convinced Dad to get donuts and Lola decided to sleep in until 9:00.  I was able to get in a quick four mile run outside since the weather for next weekend looks drab.  Kurtis finally took down the Christmas lights and I played with both kids outside.  Lola is loving the fact that she can basically run now.  I had a Mom of the Year Moment as I put her down on the driveway that descends downwards - don't worry, it only hurt her pride.  Cohen went into Kurtis' work with him for a bit in the morning and then came home with a brand new Nerf gun.  And Kurtis says I spoil him...  But Cohen carried that thing around with him all weekend and kept shouting, "It's Nerf! Or Nufin'!"  He seriously kills me.

Sunday was another gorgeous day - even warmer than the day before but a bit windier.  Lola decided she didn't want to sleep the night before and was a grump of all ages.  I was able to get Cohen outside again for awhile as I de-mined our dog poop explosion of a backyard that was exposed after the snow melted.  We rode bikes, went on a few walks and enjoyed the early taste of Spring.

Now let's hope my bathrooms clean themselves because I once again I forgot to clean them...

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday.


Project 52 - Week 5

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

This boy has such an adventurous spirit.  I'm sure his athletic ability and eagerness to enjoy the outdoors will continue to thrill his dad for years to come.  I literally had to drag him inside after a sled ride, helping dad shovel the driveway and making a snowman, which he named "Judy the Snowman."  While I struggle to keep him busy on these winter days, I was thrilled that it was "warm enough" to finally let him play outside and truly enjoy a real snow. 

The initial preparation for our sled ride around the neighborhood almost set this kid over the edge.  After Kurtis bundled her up I immediately thought of Randy from A Christmas Story - "I can't put my arms down!"  Lola refused to move in her boots and snowsuit, making the entire process even more comical.  But once she was in that sled she loved every second of it!  


A New Passion Means New Fashion + Giveaway

Monday, February 2, 2015

Disclosure:  This product review was made possible by Gordmans.  I was provided a product sample for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Running has always been a huge passion of mine and the treadmill isn't my favorite place to run.  My "running rule" is if the weather is 40 degrees, lace up and head outside to get my run in.  Unfortunately we do not live in a state that is warm with sunshine in the winter - complete opposite actually.  But the a few weekends ago I decided to brave the weather and head to my favorite outdoor trail to get in a solid run.  It was amazing.  Life has been stressful lately and I have found a new passion for these outdoor runs, even in chilly temperatures.  The scenery and fresh air helped clear my mind and get me in a more positive mind frame for the upcoming week.  It is the best form of therapy for me....and it's free.  

A new passion means a new wardrobe, agree?  We met up with my sister and brother in law for dinner Saturday and there's a Gordmans within walking distance from the restaurant.  I lured Kurtis there by reminding him of all of the fun and cool home good items (at up to 60% off department store prices!) that Gordmans carries.  It would be a shopping trip for the both of us of course.   But I was on a hunt for outdoor gear, at least a great pair of long running pants.  I was excited to see the wide variety of athletic gear that Gordmans had to offer.  Plus there were tons of other exercise items like resistance bands, weights and trendy water bottles.  Did I mention the prices were quite fabulous too?  This deal bargaining mama was in heaven.

  I ended up snagging some trendy pants and a cute tank.  Okay I know the tank isn't cold weather approved but it was really cute.  The entire cost of the outfit was just under $25 too!  When I was checking out, the cashier told me that if I signed up for the Gordmans reward points I would earn points and get 20% off one item that day.  It made my purchase even sweeter.

I look forward to my weekend runs and refuse to let Winter ruin my mojo.  My new found love for these chilly runs has been a positive experience for my mental health.  Let's be honest, the fact that I have found some great workout fashion at affordable prices has made me even more excited to hit the trail next weekend!

What's your passion?  How do you keep your sanity during stressful moments? 

Win It!
One lucky winner will win a $25 gift card to Gordmans to help you get your fitness fashion on!  
Enter the Rafflecoptoer below.

Weekend Shenanigans - The (Semi) Snowy Day

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another weekend in the books.  I'm excited it is already February because that means March is just around the corner which means Spring Break will be here soon which means we are going to the beach in a matter of weeks -- holla!  The weather people of all sorts were predicting the biggest snowfall of the season beginning Saturday night.  So I fell asleep last night and woke a whopping 1 inch of snow.  
Not kidding.
It then snowed maybe another inch throughout the day but it has already melted.  Now further north in Indiana it is a blizzard but here in the Indy area we got nothing.

But the good news is we don't have another Snow Day so we won't have to go to school until June and then start in July again.

The other good news is we got to take the kids out on a sled ride.  Temperatures were the thirties so we didn't freeze our tails off.  It was so fun.  Cohen would have stayed out all day if we let him.  Lola loved it until I took her off the sled.  Then she realized that being a stuffed marshmallow wasn't her thing.  I totally get it, girl.  I was definitely that crazy mom taking pictures outside on our sled ride.  Don't judge.  I got some good ones.

Here's to another week.  Think happy thoughts...