Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Lova

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I have to be honest, I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan.  My husband and I don't go all out because shouldn't every day be Valentine's Day anyways?  Plus the restaurants are always overcrowded and when it's 8:00 I'm ready for bed these days.  

But it's always fun to get my husband something a little small and not over the top.  I like unique and original gifts -- ones I know he will truly appreciate despite the day.

Here are my four top gift ideas for you man this Valentine's Day;
1.  Local Beer
Nothing says "I love you" more than a cold brewsky.  Seriously.  My husband and I love specialty beer from local breweries.  One our favorites is here in Indianapolis, Sun King Brewery.  Two words my friends - Cream Ale.  Plus on Fridays you can fill up a growler for only $6 -- a perfect gift plus you can support a local business! 

2.  Vintage Specialty T-Shirt
I love these vintage t-shirts.  First off they are super soft and again, made from a local company here in Indy - Hayes and Taylor.  This shirt is one of my favs because obviously it's old school IU but it's not a cheesy screened shirt.  Classic and worn - perfect fit.

3. Old School Shaving Kit
I got Kurtis this cute little shave kit in lemon scent from a store called the Art of Shaving.  For around $25 you can get your man feeling fresh with this fun shaving starter kit!

4. Portable Speaker
I would have to say this is probably one of my best random gift purchases ever.  It's a Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone or iPad and you can blare your tunes basically anywhere.  This thing is perfect for summer nights on the patio, when you have family or friends over to your house or most importantly, when you are having dance parties with your kids while you cook dinner.  They usually run around $30 and I found this fun one on Amazon.

Now hurry up and score a snazzy gift for your man....and maybe he will treat you to the new 50 Shades movie.
Just saying...

Question Ladies:  What's do you like to buy your lova for Valentine's Day? 



  1. Guys are so hard to shop for. Great collection of gift ideas!

  2. I think #1 would be the path to my man's heart, for sure! We love local kraft beers and luckily here in Oregon we have a lot of microbrew options.

  3. Great suggestions, I really want to pick up on of those old school shavers.

  4. I got my hubby a box of chocolate and a wallet! I'm sure he'll love it though.

  5. We don't do anything really special for Valentine's Day. A nice dinner at home with the kids and a special dessert and we call it good.

  6. My guy is ALL about the chocolate ;) I kind of like that it doesn't take much to keep him happy. Even better...he's content to wait till AFTER the holiday to get the majority of it so it costs us less (or he can get twice as much, however you look at it, lol!)

  7. My husband and I are like you guys...a special night for us means getting the kids to bed extra early, so we MIGHT stay awake and watch a whole episode of Downton Abbey together. But, seriously, I do think that we should try to treat everyday like Valentine's day and my husband is pretty good at doing spontaneous romantic things during the week, like sending me a sweet text message or bringing my favorite treat home after work. And your gift suggestions are great, btw :-) My husband loves the Art of Shaving!

  8. We don't do much for Valentine's Day because our wedding anniversary is the same week. We did make a nice meal & made sure we weren't doing chores so that we could spend time together.

  9. My son just got a portable speaker and loves it. My husband has commented a couple times that he wouldn't mind having one either. Great suggestion!

  10. Vintage tshirts and local craft beers would be a big hit over here. I like your ideas!

  11. Maybe a vintage t-shirt for my husband, but he has everything, so usually it's just a card and chocolates. Great ideas, though!

  12. My husband doesn't drink, but both of my brothers love specialty beer. They love supporting the local breweries, too. :)

  13. My husband would have loved the old school shaving kit!