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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oh Monday Blues how you hit me every. single. week.
Are you with me?

Once again we had a family weekend together with nothing fancy planned.  These seem to be the norm lately and I'm starting to look forward to hanging out in my yoga pants with my little family all weekend.  Really.  I'm completely okay with not going anywhere and staying put together.

Even though Saturday was Valentine's Day, we decided to stay together with a fire, movies and order in pizza from our favorite local pizza place.  Kurtis and I aren't huge fans of this holiday because we both feel that you should celebrate this day every day!  Lola had a rough week of sleep, teething and diaper rash so she needed to play sleep catch up this weekend anyways.  I was able to sneak out and get Cohen a haircut and go on a lone Target trip with him, which is very rare these days.  He kept saying to me, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom!"  He is so sweet these days and definitely turning into more of a mama's boy than ever before.  Later that day Cohen got to share with Lola some bubble fun and her reaction was priceless.

Both kids were in bed by 8:00...and Kurtis and I were asleep by 9:00.

Sunday was another day of snuggles and pjs all day long.  Cohen and I got some painting in while Lola decided to take a three hour nap.  I actually got the ENTIRE house cleaned - including the bathrooms, which is a true miracle.  Kurtis decided to make us a new dining room table.  Seriously, how lucky am I to have such a handy husband?  The only thing that didn't get touched were my stack of papers I brought home to grade.
Wishful thinking.

Maybe I can get her a real one for her next birthday...

I'm off to lay in bed and watch Andi Dorfman ugly cry on this Bachelor special.  Are you as uncomfortable as I am?

Happy Monday, Friends!



  1. I feel the same way about Valentine's Day, too! That's the reason why I don't put too much importance on that day. Basically, Valentine's Day is a merchant's holiday (chocolatiers, card companies, florists, and jewelers). You didn't hear it from me, though. ;)

  2. I always see "nothing fancy planned" as a great chance to spend time as a family and make the most of every moment. Looks like your little guys had fun and were creative. That is always my goal for the weekend with my kids.

  3. I am with you: I love the days when we don't have to leave the house, and it is just us. Family time is so precious.

  4. Oh my goodness, Cohen's haircut is so cute, I love it! And we didn't do much special on Valentine's Day either. Our church wonderfully provided delicious desserts for the services that evening (we go on Saturday nights) so we didn't have to go anywhere else, except home when church was done!

  5. He "just decided to make a new dining room table?" I so wish that was something I could say about my hubs. He has his own good points though :P Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  6. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! There is nothing like being with those you love. So cozy!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm spending our week off school/work doing similar things. My youngest son and I made shape art and played games, and I also got caught up on some things around the house. What grade do you teach?

  8. Aww, they are having lots of fun! That is what my house looked like when my son was a baby, with the safety gates and all :)

  9. My husband is a romantic, and really does try to treat me like every day is V-Day. <3 Today is Thursday, but every single day this week has been like a Monday. We have been iced/snowed in, since Monday, and I wouldn't necessarily mind it...in fact, wanted it. But our son got sick on V-Day night, and was sick thru Monday, so we were worried about him and not being able to get out. We lost power (and it was cold), but thankfully came back on, others were not so lucky. It is still bad out but we had to slide out (because that's really what we did) yesterday and will be today, too, to take our son to play rehearsal because "the show must go on". Sigh Okay, I feel like I just unloaded on you. LOL!

  10. Looks like they're having a ton of fun! I surely do miss the days when my kids were this little. Oh, the memories!