A Straight Up Mommy Mayhem Week and How to Survive It

Friday, March 20, 2015

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You know those weeks where you just can't catch your breath?  Well, that was my story last week.  As a mom, you know you dread these moments.  The ones where your sweet children are sick and helpless, you feel terrible and want to help them and no one gets a wink of sleep.  Now add meetings, assessments, and long work days on top of it all and you've got a recipe for a mommy meltdown.  It happens to all of us, right?  Great.  Now, let me share with you a peek into my week straight up...

Lola slept a total of five seconds.  Okay, maybe ten seconds but that means I got about seven seconds of sleep that night.  My sweet girl went to bed with a low grade fever and woke up about fifty times that night just sobbing.  My husband swooped in and saved the day by staying home with her.  The little stinker took a 3 hour nap for him and I stayed awake at school by inserting toothpicks into my eyelids.

Cohen's cough started coming back with a vengeance.  We were at the end of our antibiotic and steroid round so I knew we were in for it when the cough started coming back deeper and chestier.  Lola also decided that sleep was for the birds and slept about thirty seconds this particular night.  My sleep deprivation started catching up with me and I'm pretty sure I was seeing things and talking to invisible friends.

In a last ditch effort to save my family's sanity and ensure some sleep, I took Lola to the doctor because the poor kid was now coughing and had a nose that was running like a faucet.  While her chest sounded fine, her pediatrician informed me she had a raring double ear infection.  
After one round of antibiotics and some ibuprofen, the kid slept for 13 hours straight.  I slept for 9 hours.  I know I slept well because I woke up with serious sleep lines on the left side of my face.
Mama was back!

After my rejuvenating sleep, I felt ready to conquer it all!  I even ventured out to Walmart to pick up some things for dinner since Kurtis was working late that night.  I decided that I deserved a little treat for myself so I grabbed a few bottles of the new Snapple® Straight Up Tea, some cheese and apple slices.  A good sleep warrants a healthy snack, right?  Plus the real brewed taste of this tea is super refreshing - it totally hit the spot after my long week.  Luckily I had three levels of sweetness I could pick from - Sweet, Unsweetened and Sorta Sweet.  I also loved the convenience of the 18.5 oz plastic bottle which made it easy to transport from the store, to the car and into the house.  Snapple® Straight Up Tea combines refreshing real brewed tea taste with the perfect level of sweetness which makes it exactly what you are looking for during those moments when you feel like you need help over that slump...or when you are running on zero hours of sleep.  It definitely hit the spot.

So remember that amazing sleep I got the night before?  Well, this time I made it about two hours until poor Cohen awoke hacking up a lung.  After a long night of breathing treatments, numerous glasses of water, back scratches and stories, I was barely motivated (nor alive) to get out of bed.  The only way I did was because it was Friday and I could wear my IU sweatshirt to work.  And it ended up being dirty, but I wore it anyway  (Shhh. Don't tell.).  I survived the work day but left early to take Cohen to the pediatrician.  The result ended up being the onset of his allergy induced asthma.  We eventually made it home with more meds, but not before Cohen had a coughing attack at the pharmacy and threw up red slushy all over the aisle.
Yes.  I was THAT mom.

Well Moms, you're not alone.  As you can see, we all have those moments.  The ones where you wish them away as fast as possible.  Those times that you won't ever welcome back with open arms.  That week of torture you are more than glad to see be gone.

But with every horrible, no good, very bad week, there comes a silver lining.  It's that fabulous feeling of kicking up your feet, taking a deep breath and realizing, "Oh my word.  I seriously made it."
And you did.

Need a break from your Mommy Mayhem?
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Moms - tell me about that horrible, no good, very bad moment!  How did you get over that mommy mayhem slump?  Share your tips with us!


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