Project 52 - Week 11

Sunday, March 22, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children once a week in 2015*

We had Cohen's Spring Parent-Teacher conference this week and it was everything a parent could ask for -- especially through the eyes of a teacher!  She said academically he is exactly where he should be and seems to be quite bright for his age.  She also told us he's the most athletic boy in his class and is very respectful of his teachers and other students.  As you can assume we were both extremely thrilled to hear this information.  While he misses the cut off for Kindergarten by a month for next year, I have to say I'm completely alright with him being a older for his grade.  But I'm just so confused as to when he started growing up?

As of lately, Lola has turned into a chatter box!  While it's not all coherent language, some of her favorite words are Coco, No, Mama, Tada and Go when she is referring to the dog (I think its because are constantly telling him to GO! when someone is eating of he will snatch it right up).  In this picture she is saying "Cheeeeese!"  Even though she has been fighting a nasty double ear infection, she was nothing but sweet last week.


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