Weekend Shenanigans - Cough, Cough, Sniffle

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring, you have arrived.
Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

It was a glorious 50 degrees today with the sunshine peeking through sporadically.  This week is supposed to get even warmer and bring much more sunshine.  There's something about the sun, warmer weather and the spring smells and sounds that can totally turn one's mood and attitude around.

We started off our weekend with a trip to Dr. Harper's office.  Poor Cohen had been fighting off a cough and cold that I knew was to the point where he wouldn't be able to kick it on his own.  I love how our doctor knows my son's symptoms and is extremely proactive when it comes to his respiratory issues.  Luckily over the past two years, he has gotten a lot better.  I know this is just the start of Spring allergies,but I'm hoping it's one of the last antibiotic runs until Summer!

Saturday we had dinner with some friends.  It was fun to see them since we all have had kids now.  It's also funny how your Saturday plans change to accommodate those little ones.  We were home and in bed by 8:30.  #dontjudge

I forgot to mention that my husband is crafting an amazing dining room table.  I also neglected the fact that he decided to stain it inside.  I think the smell is permasealed into my nostrils.  For real.  So on Sunday I made him open the windows again and air the stank out.  We did our usual cleaning and attempt to finish the laundry.  I was able to take Cohen and Lola out in the wagon.  Unfortunately I was alone so I couldn't get any cute pictures.  But it was also Daylight Savings weekend and I want to thank my not-so-man Mitch for this change several years ago in Indiana.  He obviously didn't have children because this time change thing blows.  I spent the evening trying to entertain crabby and overly tired children who were both coughing, sniffling and so over the fact that there schedule was completely screwed for the day.

My Brady ruff ruff also had his yearly teeth cleaning.  This is a big deal because they put him under to get those pearly whites clean.  He also was prescribed an OCD medicine for his obsessive paw licking.  People, I can't make that up.

Here's to a new week and just 15 school days until Spring Break.
Can I get an AMEN??

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