Weekend Shenanigans - Spring has Sprung

Monday, March 16, 2015

I think we can officially say that Spring has sprung here in Central Indiana.  While the weather last week warmed up to a gorgeous weekend (and even more gorgeous Monday) it is supposed to get cooler, but I'm okay with that as long as there is no snow.  Sadly we spent three out of the four days at the doctor last weekend.  Cohen's allergy induced asthma flared up pretty quick and Lola sprouted a double ear infection.  Hence the fact I was pretty quiet on the blog last week.  We pretty much hung low all weekend long, but not without enjoying some of the fresh air!  

One of the worst parts of the melting snow is the poop minefield that is left in the backyard.  After picking up enough dog poop to fertilize a cornfield, we spent a lot of time swinging on the swing set, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk and going on numerous wagon rides.  This wagon was the best gift ever.  Cohen got it for his first birthday and both him and Lola have loved it so much.  I'll ask Lola if she wants to go for a wagon ride and she grabs her coat and heads to the door.  Cohen likes to start off walking during our journeys, but ends up with Lola in the wagon by the end.  While he can be meaner than dirt to her and she can be just as rotten, the two truly love each other beyond belief.  On this particular ride they both thought it was hilarious to hug each other.  Cohen would hug Lola, she would lean over and hug him and then together they would bust out laughing.  I wish Lola was just a little bit older to keep Cohen busy or at least be able to keep up with him better.  However, in a few years I'm sure she will have no problem catching up to his races.

I love that this Monday is almost over.  I stayed home with the kids because Cohen was up all night crying about his ear.  Poor kid is so congested he's ears are clogged up.  But now I need to clean up the children's chaos before my husband gets home...

How was your weekend?


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