Da Baums Spring Break

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I have been meaning to post this for awhile. However my lovely computer crashed on me...twice.  You would think this would be enough to convince the hubster that I need a new one...

A few weeks ago we journeyed to Clearwater Beach for a week of fun in the sun.  And when I say sun, I mean sun.  There was one day where there were clouds for maybe thirty minutes.  The rest of the time it was sunny and gorgeous.  Our condo was literally a block from the beach and in the perfect location of everything.  Kurtis and I both agreed that this will be our Spring Break spot from now on.  The owners of our condo were the bomb - I'm not kidding.  Everyday Rodney would come and check on the kids.  On Easter he brought them a bunch of candy from the Easter Bunny.  Amazing hospitality - I can't say enough good things about it!  We rented a car but only needed it to get to and from the airport and then for our day trip to the zoo, which we decided to explore on our second full day of break.  The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa was amazing.  This zoo is one where you literally could spend an entire day at to get the experience that you wanted.  Cohen and Lola made it four hours and there was still tons more we could have done.  My sweet boy enjoyed his first roller coaster and fed a giraffe.  Lola got close enough to a wallaby to touch until she realized that even though it was about as tall as her it had a tail, huge feet and fur and was definitely not a human.  The remainder of our days were spent enjoying Clearwater and the beach.  One of my favorite parts of the trip were our morning walks.  Kurtis and I would put the kids in the strollers and walk to the beach or over the bridge.  Seriously, there is something about the smell of ocean water that makes everything in the world right.  Both kids slept like champs at night until the final night when I think we were all just ready to be in our own beds.  Nothing is more depressing than leaving sunshine and 80 degrees and flying into gloomy and gray 45 degrees.  I'm telling you, I was born to live near the beach. Overall it was an amazing trip.  Both kids are little beach babes and Kurtis and I still are missing the sand.  I seriously can't wait to go again!

I managed to take a ton of pictures but never got a family photo.

This last picture is one of my favorites.  I'm pretty sure everyone loved these two because they made sure to greet you and send you off with a wave whenever you came and went.  Lola grew quite fond of Rodney who worked at the condo.  He'd open her arms and she would run to him like they were old friends.  I really need to work on Stranger Danger with these two....

Now I'm off to snuggle under the covers and cry because we have a freeze warning tonight.


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