Four Tips for Traveling with Tots and Family

Monday, April 13, 2015

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We recently endured an amazing family vacation to Clearwater Beach.  The weather was gorgeous - sunny and 80 degrees all week, which made it super depressing to fly back into Indiana's rainy and 50 degrees.  However, this was our first major trip as a family of four so I had to be super prepared prior to leaving.  From the airport, to the zoo, to restaurants and of course the beach, I knew we would constantly be on the go.  In order for this trip to be successful with two little ones, I knew I had to be prepared for anything that would come our way.
Here are my four tricks that helped us survive traveling with our little tots!

1.  New and Never Seen Before Toys
You don't have to go all out on this one.  I hit the dollar bins at various stores and stocked up on little trinkets and toys a few weeks before leaving.  I then threw them into a plastic bag and kept them in my diaper bag throughout the trip.  Whenever the kids started getting restless on the airplane or at restaurants, I was able to get out a "new" toy for them to play with and it totally kept them occupied for the time being.  For some reason a little wind up clapping monkey was the hit of the trip with Miss Lola.  Let's be honest, a wind up monkey can make anyone laugh.

2.  Snacky Snacks
Since you are on vacation, it is totally okay to splurge.  I always made sure I was prepared with Cohen and Lola's favorite snacks in my bag for any adventure during the trip.  I have to say, the bag of cheese puffs were a life saver during the last twenty minutes of our flight into Florida.  Miss Lola realized it was an hour past her nap time yet hung on tight to those puffs until we landed...and then passed out.  The bag came in handy once again when our food was taking forever to come out later that night and Cohen was close to meltdown mode about going to the beach right that minute.  A little boost for the blood sugar is good for the soul - and the parents' mental health.  

3.  Wipe Those Germs Away
Okay, so I'm a complete germaphobe.  And with both kids in and out of the doctor the two weeks before this trip, I was determined to remain healthy and germ free this vacation.  As I shopped at Walmart for our last minute trip necessities and made my way through the the Household Cleaning aisle, I noticed two different canisters of PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes that came in a larger 70 count and a smaller 35 count - you seriously can't miss it!  I grabbed one of each of the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes - one for the suitcase and one for the diaper bag.  (And lucked out because I had printed $1.00 on any PURELL® Wipes canister or Save $1.00 on any two PURELL® Products beforehand!)  Boy, it was a good thing I did!  PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes came in handy for our all of our vacation adventures!  We spent an entire day at the zoo and rather than taking two kids into the public restroom to wash up before lunch, I grabbed my PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes, which kill 99.99% of illness-causing germs, and wiped down hands and faces.  This was so convenient, especially since we were out in a public place and definitely needed a good cleaning and sanitizing of those hands before eating. 

 PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes were especially handy during our daily beach trips.  Let's just say sand is not fun to taste while eating snacks, but I was able to clean our hands right up!

Even after our vacation I have our canister of PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes on the kitchen counter to use before dinner.  Cohen and Lola love to each get their own and sanitize themselves like big kids.  I've totally hit Spring Cleaning mode so getting the kids in on keeping themselves germ-free helps me relax just a little bit more when it comes to sanitizing our household.  As you can see, Brady also tries to get in on the cleaning and sanitizing fun!
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4.  Extra! Extra! Clothes All About It!
This one may be common sense, but sometimes you don't even think about it.  I always made sure to have an extra set of clothes for both of the kids, and seriously was I glad that I did!  One night at dinner, Cohen tipped his cup too far and soaked his shirt in juice.  This was also the one night we had planned on using to explore the evening pier and beach activities.  If I hadn't packed that extra shirt we would have had to head back to the condo, change our clothes and then go out again.  The extra set of clothes totally saved us a ton of extra family time.

We have been home for over a week now and I still long for the beach.  I can't wait for our next family vacation and definitely won't forget these tips to make sure we are prepared!

Okay, let's hear it!  
1.  How do you survive vacations with your little ones?
2.  What on-the-go occasion would you use your PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes?  Visit PURELL® online for more coupons and promotions!


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