Project 52 - Week 12

Saturday, April 4, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children once a week in 2015*

Boy, I'm a bit behind!  Last week was rough.  If you are a teacher than you understand how the week before Spring Break is not puppies and roses.  Plus we are enjoying our own vacation so on top of maintaining my sanity at school, I had to prepare for our own trip!  Update coming soon, don't worry.

Here are pictures from last week!

This is Cohen in his pure element.  We are all a bit stir crazy waiting for the arrival of Spring and the warmer temps.  He loves to build forts and gets quite territorial if you decide to put your feet up or cuddle under the blanket he's using, even if he's not in the fort.  I'm excited to get outside and play in our swing set fort.  The kid has an amazing imagination!

Oh Lola, how she loves to get into EVERYTHING.  I had this box of Cheeze-Its in my school bag (hey, teachers need snacks too) and while I was cooking during I peeked out into the hallway only to see her letting the crackers rain all over the floor.  While Brady was enjoying his fair share of treats, I made her clean them up  which she happily obliged.  Teaching them young, my friend.

More pics and updates coming soon!


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