Project 52 - Week 13

Friday, April 10, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

My little fish named Cohen Lee!  This was our very first evening in Florida.  By the time we had landed, retrieved our luggage, stopped the car rental guy from trying to sell us unnecessary upgrades and drove to Clearwater, it was dinner time and we were pooped.  But this sweet boy made sure we stopped by the beach so he could scope out the scene for our beach adventure the next day.  The sand didn't bother him and he would have swam right then and there if we let him.  This kid is meant to live at the beach.


This girl was a trooper for her first plane ride - even through her nap time.  She decided to make friends, eat her Cheetos and enjoy her surroundings the majority of the flight.  Then the last 15 minutes she realized it was an hour past her nap time so she had a mini meltdown and passed we were landing of course.  But after a quick nap, another round of Cheetos (Can't you tell by her face and dress? Don't judge.) and a whole hot dog and plate of fries for dinner, she was ready to explore this beach life.  Lola was amazed by it all!  The ocean and sand tickled her pink, it was just the cutest.  This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the beach.

I promise to play catch up this weekend.  Don't worry - more exciting posts to come!:)


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