Project 52 - Week 14

Monday, April 13, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015.*

On our last night out to eat on the beach, this kid had enough.  He played his days hard - swimming in the ocean, jumping waves, and running up and down the sandy beach.  Rarely did he nap, but that's nothing new these days.  However, we trekked in the opposite direction this particular evening to try something new.  It was the cutest restaurant with an amazing deck that was literally on the beach.  This kid made it long enough to order his dinner and then crashed - hard.  He finally woke up as we were leaving and enjoyed his grilled cheese on-the-go.  

On Easter Sunday, we decided to spend the early afternoon mini golfing because Cohen had been asking about it the entire trip.  On the long walk, both kids fell asleep.  However, this one decided to stay asleep which was fine by us...until we noticed this course was NOT stroller friendly.  I'm talking the Pike's Peak of putt putt golf.  So obviously she was not happy about it.  Let's just say I don't think I actually golfed past the fourth hole since this little turkey was persistent about holding my ball the entire time.  This picture was taken exactly one hole before she fell into the random pond of water.  I saved her, moccs and all.


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