Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So...guess what?

Yes.  Baby Baumgartner #3 will be gracing us with their presence come October - about a year earlier than anticipated.
While Lola and this baby will be about two years apart (23 months give or take a few days) this was definitely a surprise.  I may have spent the last few weeks in denial but I am slowly coming to terms that I will be a mom to three wild ones come Fall.  I have been the sickest with this pregnancy and am super thankful for Zofran.  This teacher doesn't have the option of puking whenever I need to -- I have 25 little children to teach all day.  I totally asked my doctor to write me a note to put me on bedrest the first trimester, but he told me a note that read, "Kait feels like shit," would not be enough for short term disability. 

I'm quite certain this picture is the perfect explanation of what is to come in my future.

Well, there's no turning back now. 
Ready or not here we go! So be prepared for baby spam overload times three....when I'm not about ready to pass out from exhaustion.


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