Project 52 - Week 21

Sunday, May 31, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

Our big guy finished another year of preschool.  Last week he moved up to the PreK room and he was super excited!  Now I think it is more of an adjustment because not all of his friends will move up with him until August.  This summer I signed him up to go to Camp at his school once a week, which will be good for both of our mental healths. :)

This kid's favorite time of day is mealtime.  Lately however, she finds it hilarious to spill her food on her head and look at her brother saying, "Cheeeeese!"  I may have encouraged this behavior on Mac and Cheese night as I got my camera out to snap a few shots.  Don't worry though, she will only do this AFTER she's had seconds.  Trust me.


Win It! A Day Out with Thomas

Thomas the Tank Engine is a timeless icon for children of all ages!  Cohen has been a fan of Thomas & Friends since he was two and even at almost five, he still enjoys these fun and personable characters.   I'm super excited to share with you this exciting event that is a perfect adventure for everyone in the family!

Day Out With Thomas®: The Celebration Tour 2015
Thomas the Tank Engine™ is celebrating friendship at Day Out With Thomas®: The Celebration Tour 2015, and families across North America are invited aboard! Little engineers everywhere are invited to join Thomas when the #1 Engine pulls into Whitewater Valley Railroad June 19–21, & 26–28, 2015 for Day Out with Thomas: The Celebration Tour 2015.
This fun-filled event offers little engineers and their families the opportunity to take a ride with Thomas the Tank Engine, star of the popular Thomas & Friends® series. In addition, children will meet Sir Topham Hatt™, Controller of the Railway and enjoy a day of Thomas-themed activities including arts & crafts, storytelling and more.  The tour, now in its 20th year, will make 42 stops across the U.S. and Canada and is expected to welcome nearly one million passengers in 2015. 

Tickets for Day Out with Thomas: The Celebration Tour 2015 are on sale now and available by calling Ticketweb toll-free 866-468-7630, or by visiting  or   Ticket prices are $20 for ages 2 and up (service charges and fee may apply). 

For more information and directions, contact the Whitewater Valley Railroad in Connersville, Indiana at 765-825-2054 or visit

Win It!
For all of my Indiana and nearby followers, I am offering you the chance to win a 4 pack of tickets to the Day Out With Thomas®: The Celebration Tour 2015 at the Connersville's Grand Central Station.  Tickets will be for Sunday June 21st at 3:45 and will be picked up at will call.  Enter the Rafflecopter below!

  For information on Thomas & Friends, visit 
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Disclosure:  I was provided tickets to the event in exchange for an honest post.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Baby #3 is....

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yesterday was the big appointment.  Yup, you got it.  The 20 week anatomy scan.  At this point Kurtis and I were just looking for a healthy bambino.  After the scan all of our fears were pushed aside as we learned that everything looks great and healthy.

So, now the big question.

Baby #3 is....

A girl!

I know, I was in complete shock because I never thought I would have one girl let alone two.  I even had a dream Monday night it was a boy.  I'm excited that Lola will have a sister close to her age.  Plus I can't wait to take out the stash of rompers, bows and moccs that have been grown out of and set them up in Baby Girl's new room.

Unfortunately, we weren't all as excited at first.  Cohen informed me he was going to put it back in my mouth.  (No, we have not had THAT conversation yet.)  But then I told him he could have the balloon and he was much better.
It's the little things my friends.

Our healthy baby girl will be here before we know it.  My big projects this summer are moving the kids' rooms and redecorating them appropriately.  Also attempting to get Lola into a big girl bed, which I'm not quite sure is going to happen.  But I have themes and colors mentally ready, so I just need to convince Kurtis to start painting.  :)  Now I'm off to bed to finish up another school year tomorrow - hello teacher day!  This summer could not have come at a better time.


Project 52 - Week 20

Saturday, May 23, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

Lately it seems that Cohen is transitioning more into a little man and less into my little baby.  He's all about doing things like "his dad" hence the backwards hat on his head.  Watching him interact with other kids and reflecting on the conversations we share quickly reaffirms the fact that my baby is growing up.  I would be lying if I said this didn't kill me...

Miss Sassafras has discovered the fun of her water table.  Over and over again, cup after cup, the water will keep this girl busy forever.  I think I've finally convinced Kurtis that a baby pool is necessity this summer.  Now if only I could get her to not throw a fit when I pour water over her head to wash her hair! 

Win It! Spring Into Science Giveaway

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello, Spring!  You are welcomed with open arms...times fifty.  I am so ready for this warm weather and eight fabulous weeks off with my sweeties.  Just four days, but who's counting?  Cohen and I were just talking about how excited we are for pool time, picnics, breakfast on the patio and so much more fun!  There is something about warm weather and sunshine that can brighten anyone's mood and make the day so much more productive.

Because I am so excited for the arrival of warm weather, how about celebrating with a fabulous giveaway?  Yes, you are right.  I just love you that much.

Here are the four fabulous DVDs you can win from NCircle Entertainment:

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Discover & Investigate with the Cat in the Hat (SRP $14.99)
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Octonauts: Crocodiles & Crabs!(SRP $9.99)
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Disclosure:  This product review was provided by NCircle Entertainment.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Sweet Lola is 18 Months

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My sweet little Lola Colleen is a whole year and a half now!  She had her 18 month appointment yesterday which actually was supposed to be today but I guess I can blame it on the preggo brain.  Luckily they squeezed her in with another doctor so my husband wasn't too angry with me about the situation.  Let's also note that it is also the end of the school year as well.  My brain cells are basically mush.

I thought it was time for a little update on my sweet baby yet soon to be middle child.  Oh this girl melts my heart so much.

Size: Lola is 23 lbs 10 oz, which is 50% of her age group.  Her big ol' head continues to grow at a whopping 90% of kiddos at her age.  Big brained for reals.  She gets it from her mama.  We upped her to size 4 diapers basically because she was waking up drenched and I felt like I was squeezing her little chubby legs a little too tight.  She's solidly in 18 month clothes but can wear a few of her 12 month outfits if they are short sleeved or sleeveless.  I bought her the cutest Toms for summer play and they are too small damn it!  Baby feet are so hard to figure out sizes for when it comes to shoes.  

Eating:  Thank God for at least one good eater!  Lola loves to eat and I mean EAT.  It's fun to try new foods with her and see which ones she will eat and which ones end up as Brady's second meal.  She will eat her meal, get down from her chair and scoop out her brother's plate for seconds.  The second she sees me sit down with my food she will walk over with her baby bird mouth open saying, "Ahhh!"  Anything with dip is Lola's jam.  But who's jam isn't chips and dip, let's be real?

Sleeping:  We recently dropped the morning nap finally but it's still a struggle for her.  When I'm home, I will take her on a run or a walk around 10:00 so she can get a quick 20 minute refresher in so she can make it past lunch.  Depending on her daily activities I can get her to sleep for at least two hours.  Lately night time has been a bit of a struggle with her since she's been cutting her "vampire" teeth.  Lola also thinks it's hilarious to throw her pacis out of her bed which inevitably makes an extra trip for one of us to go and put them all back in so she can find them when she's sleeping.  The kid is still a creature of habit and goes down around 7:30 and will sleep until 8:00, sometimes later. 

Milestones: Oh there is so much fun about this age!  Lola LOVES music.  The girl will drop it low and make up her own words.  Lately she has grown to love Frozen (of course) and sings "Let It Go" at all hours of the night.  Lola's vocabulary grows by the day too.  Her favorite phrases are "Get down!" which she obviously heard from me yelling at the dog and "Thank you!"  Anything you hand her something she will also respond and thank you.  Seriously peeps, you can teach your kids manners at any age.

Likes: It must be a requirement for your toddler to love Mickey Mouse.  We barely watch TV these days and she is all about Mickey. The moment that song comes on her eyes are glued to the TV and she throws her hands in the air to dance it out.  Lola is absolutely in love with being outdoors as well.  When I don't let her out or make her come in for the night she makes me aware that I am totally killing her vibe.  She is still obsessed with her brother and is quickly upping her roughness game with him.

Dislikes:  The kid doesn't handle being tired well, but who really does?  Lola also hates getting her head wet, which will make pool time extra fun this summer...

Oh Miss Lola Colleen how you have brightened our lives in more than one fabulous way.  From your sweet smile, loving personality and sassy attitude, you sure are one of a kind.  I hope and pray that your world isn't rocked too much with Baby comes along.  You will be the girl that is friends with everyone and loves life.  Stop growing now.



Easy Like Summer

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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#WhereFunBegins #CollectiveBias 

Last weekend was absolutely glorious!  Besides the fact that it was Mother's Day, the weather decided to cooperate beautifully.  Being able to spend the day with my family outside in the sunshine and summery weather made it the perfect day.  It's also amazing how everyone's moods change with the weather -- sunny and warm means happy kiddos for mom and dad.  It made me even more excited for summer than I was before if that is even possible.  Just watching Cohen play pirates in his playhouse fort and Lola splash around in the water table for hours filled my heart with so much joy and happiness I thought it was going to explode.  There is so much I love about summer, but being able to spend these gorgeous days outside making memories is my absolute favorite part of the break.  With the weather being so nice last weekend,  I decided that I wanted to continue our play outside with an backyard picnic.  I knew both kids would love eating on a blanket but it also added fun to our family day outside.

So what did I include in my backyard picnic one may ask?  Just about anything perfect for little hands as well as snacks that could be enjoyed while swinging, sliding and running around. Plus I grabbed a thick and heavy blanket for the family to sit on and comfortably enjoy lunch together.  It's the most simple idea and so easy to put together - especially for those moms with little ones with attention spans of less than five seconds!

It's easy to get started and you already have everything you need in your pantries and cupboards!

How To Create Your Own Backyard Picnic in Four Easy Steps
Step 1 - Main Course -- Think of a finger food that is easy on mess and can withstand the heat.  I went with fun shaped PB&Js because I know they are Cohen's favorite.  You could easily do lunch meat if you have hungry tummies that are ready to eat right away!  Plus any leftovers could easily be tossed away to the birds. (I won't tell the neighbors!)

Step 2 - Side items - I went with prepackaged chips, portable yogurts and cheese and a bowl full of fresh blueberries that could be revisited throughout the remainder of the day.  Sweet Lola could eat an entire bushel if I let her, but I wouldn't because you know who is changing that diaper the next day...

Step 3 -  Thirst Quenchers -  Besides the obvious of water filled bottles, I wanted to include a little extra treat to our picnic for Kurtis and myself.  On a recent trip to Sam's Club I found SunnyD in individual sized bottles that make it easy to grab and go!  The 24 pack was on roll back for just $5.38 from the normal price of $5.98 - hot dog! (Be sure to check the refrigerated section at your Sam's Club!) These little bottles were perfect for our picnic lunch with just enough juice for a lunch serving.  Seeing the SunnyD brought me right back to when I was a kid, running around the neighborhood from dawn until dusk, only to return home when I was threatened with not being able to go out again the next day.

Step 4 - Enjoy and don't forget the laughter!
Almost two weeks later Cohen is still talking about our picnic.  It was so simple to throw together yet full of fun!  It's also perfect for an inside floor on a gloomy rainy day because unfortunately, not all summer days can be full of fabulous sunshine.

Not trying to sound corny but it really was one of the best days.  Later on my sister and brother in law joined our outdoor fun and I was able to set more SunnyD out for them to enjoy too.  Both kids continued to enjoy the day as much as I had enjoyed it until it was time to wash away the day's germs and dirt with our nightly baths.  I am literally counting down the days until summer (six more actually) and crossing my fingers for a season of sunshine, heat and lots of laughter. 

How do you have fun in the summer?  Be sure to check out more fun in the sun with SunnyD at I'd love to hear how you have fun with SunnyD!


Project 52 - Week 19

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

This kid is full of stink lately.  He is definitely as ready for summer as I am right now.  I went on a clothing spurge and bought him a bunch of new (and cute) clothes at Carter's a few weekends ago.  I went to pick him up from school last week and found a pair of his new shorts completely ripped out in the crotch.  What happened?  Oh, he was just trying to save a worm by climbing a tree and the tree ripped his shorts.  That's Cohen for you.

This child LIVES to spend her days outside.  She was in absolute heaven this weekend again when she could be outside playing.  Lola has figured out how to climb the ladder on the play set and go down the big slide all by herself.  The cute look she makes after she realizes her accomplishment is absolutely priceless. 


Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 11, 2015

I hope all of you mothers out there had a joyous day.  This year my Mother's Day was perfect.  I went out to dinner last night with friends and came home to a clean house.  I slept in today and was awoken by two sweet little faces and a plate of peanut butter toast.  We spent all day together, napped together and then were excited to see the sun peak out as we enjoyed the rest of the day outside.  My sister and brother-in-law joined us later in the evening and brought over some goodies to grill out and eat for dinner.  The night was ended with baths to wash away sunscreen and clean our dirty piggies before hitting the hay hard with dreams of the summer that is almost here.

Mother's Day is about being with family and today was the perfect day.
Maybe next year I should take some pictures of myself with the kids.  Just a thought.


Project 52 - Week 18

Friday, May 8, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

This week has been glorious for Cohen and for my sanity.  It was in the eighties and sunny all week so we spent the evenings playing outside.  He finds it so fun to kick the dandelion puffs in the empty lot next to us.  I love his curiosity and the way he follows his dad around as he waters the plants in the yard.  Bedtime has also been much easier because this kid plays hard.  Summer, we are ready for you!

This was a rough week for our sweet girl.  Her top "vampire teeth" as I refer to them are cutting through and she's not handling the pain top well.  Pacis, Advil and lots of Mommy snuggles have been on her agenda, which I can't complain about.  No matter how tired I am, I will gladly rock this sweet girl to sleep as she lies her head on my shoulder in the middle of the night, snuggling her sweet wispy hair on my face.  Oh let them be little.


Baby Baumgartner #3 - 4 Month Update

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This picture is kind of embarrassing.  Obviously this was taken at the end of a long, tiring night - hence the smeared eye makeup and Ms. Frizzle hair.  And as Kurtis put it, I didn't marry him for his photography skills.  I'll work on that one...

I'm already fourth months into this journey with Baby #3.  I feel that it will go by much quicker than the other two because let's be honest - our life is about to get a whole lot crazier come October!  So I hope to try and get some monthly updates for y'all.  Summer is nearing and I can feel my relationship with those yoga pants coming oh so quickly.

Let's just hope I can get some photography lessons in for my husband here soon...

What' up with Baby #3?
Due date:  October 12th

Gender: Unknown - The big ultrasound is for the day after Memorial Day.  I really am not quite sure what this baby is but I'm okay with either as long as they are healthy!

How do I feel? Finally like a human.  Seriously, I can not say it enough that I am not a fan of being pregnant.  That first trimester sucked.  It was the worst out of all three - maybe because I had two little ones in tow, a classroom of 25 second graders and a winter that never wanted to leave.  I can finally drink coffee again and cooking dinner no longer leaves me running for the bathroom.  Again, don't ever tell me you enjoy being pregnant if you have all day sickness because YOU'RE LYING!

Cravings/Aversions?  I'm no longer feeling sick and can finally drink coffee again - but it needs to be iced.  I also ate my first piece of nitrate free bacon this week.  Can I just that watching Food Inc. in the first trimester is never a good idea?  There are nights where I literally feel like I can't stop eating too.  Watermelon is my weakness -- too bad it's a pain in the ass to cut.

How do my clothes fit?  I'm in between stages.  I play the rubber band trip and use my Belly Band if I need to, but I also love my maxi dresses.  Luckily the remainder of this pregnancy will be warm weather so I can wear dresses and skirts, which is super nice. 

Sleep:  I am finding it hard to wind down at night but when I sleep, I sleep hard.  I can still sleep on my stomach which for me helps too.

Movement:   Maybe a few flutters but nothing too outrageous or noticeable yet.

My Exercise Routine: I'm finally well enough to get back to working out again!  When I would get a good workout in during the first trimester I found that as soon as my blood sugar dropped I'd start to feel horrible again and then it ruined my day and night.  With the nice weather we've been having lately I have been able to get in a few 2 mile runs (at turtle speed) and long family walks.  I'm loving my Barre Prenatal workout and hope to start going to Pure Barre once summer gets here!

Hopefully I will get on the Baby posting wagon here soon.  Just 13 more days until summer.


Weekend Shenanigans - Here Comes the Sun and a Princess

Monday, May 4, 2015

This weekend was worth every agonizing second of the horrible snow and cold we endured this year.  Okay, probably not completely but seriously I am now so ready for summer it is unreal!

Friday started out with a quick run to the doctor's office for Lola Girl...again.  She's super congested and just didn't sleep well Thursday evening, so I wanted those dreaded ears checked before the weekend arrived.  Luckily he says it's just a cold but her ears do have a bit of mucus behind them, but no infection.  I have to say I was super relieved because I know if this would have been an infection, he would have talked the tube route.  Emotionally I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.  And I don't really want to have to start our summer out with surgery either.  My dear husband had a long week at work so we celebrated his first early evening home with a dinner at our favorite Mexican joint.  Cohen made it a dance show while Lola let it rain rice.  I'm sure our server appreciated the extra tip.

Both Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous.  Cohen spent the majority of his days frolicking with the neighborhood kids while Lola was loving her swing.  Poor girl wasn't her usual self, but I think the sunshine and warm air helped.  Kurtis worked for a wee minute on Saturday and I lucked out by getting a quick (yet rare) snuggle nap with my boy.  I also decided to hit up Carters to stock up on some deals for the kids.  Seriously every time I walk into that store I feel like I could spend millions of dollars because everything is so damn cute.  We wrapped up our weekend with a little cookout with our neighbors.   Brady enjoyed most of the weekend in the sun too.  I'm sure he would've preferred the bed but the dog needs to get out of his lazy zone.  Homeboy is fat, okay?

Can we just be honest for a second and say the REAL highlight of the weekend was the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana?  I woke up randomly at 2 on Saturday to see that Kate was in early labor.  I then woke up for the day to see a sweet baby girl was born.  Then I obsessively watched BBC News for the announcement and introduction of the sweet princess.  Okay I may follow Kensington Palace on Twitter too... I'm still amazed at Kate's flawless appearance less than 12 hours after having an 8 lb baby.
Work it girl.
And for the record, I completely called this name.  My friend Kathy is just as obsessed as I am and I told her I had a feeling it would be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

These chilly mornings get me excited for summer.  Breakfast and toons in our jammies is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Lola is totally not a morning person, can you tell?

How was your weekend my friends?