Baby Baumgartner #3 - 4 Month Update

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This picture is kind of embarrassing.  Obviously this was taken at the end of a long, tiring night - hence the smeared eye makeup and Ms. Frizzle hair.  And as Kurtis put it, I didn't marry him for his photography skills.  I'll work on that one...

I'm already fourth months into this journey with Baby #3.  I feel that it will go by much quicker than the other two because let's be honest - our life is about to get a whole lot crazier come October!  So I hope to try and get some monthly updates for y'all.  Summer is nearing and I can feel my relationship with those yoga pants coming oh so quickly.

Let's just hope I can get some photography lessons in for my husband here soon...

What' up with Baby #3?
Due date:  October 12th

Gender: Unknown - The big ultrasound is for the day after Memorial Day.  I really am not quite sure what this baby is but I'm okay with either as long as they are healthy!

How do I feel? Finally like a human.  Seriously, I can not say it enough that I am not a fan of being pregnant.  That first trimester sucked.  It was the worst out of all three - maybe because I had two little ones in tow, a classroom of 25 second graders and a winter that never wanted to leave.  I can finally drink coffee again and cooking dinner no longer leaves me running for the bathroom.  Again, don't ever tell me you enjoy being pregnant if you have all day sickness because YOU'RE LYING!

Cravings/Aversions?  I'm no longer feeling sick and can finally drink coffee again - but it needs to be iced.  I also ate my first piece of nitrate free bacon this week.  Can I just that watching Food Inc. in the first trimester is never a good idea?  There are nights where I literally feel like I can't stop eating too.  Watermelon is my weakness -- too bad it's a pain in the ass to cut.

How do my clothes fit?  I'm in between stages.  I play the rubber band trip and use my Belly Band if I need to, but I also love my maxi dresses.  Luckily the remainder of this pregnancy will be warm weather so I can wear dresses and skirts, which is super nice. 

Sleep:  I am finding it hard to wind down at night but when I sleep, I sleep hard.  I can still sleep on my stomach which for me helps too.

Movement:   Maybe a few flutters but nothing too outrageous or noticeable yet.

My Exercise Routine: I'm finally well enough to get back to working out again!  When I would get a good workout in during the first trimester I found that as soon as my blood sugar dropped I'd start to feel horrible again and then it ruined my day and night.  With the nice weather we've been having lately I have been able to get in a few 2 mile runs (at turtle speed) and long family walks.  I'm loving my Barre Prenatal workout and hope to start going to Pure Barre once summer gets here!

Hopefully I will get on the Baby posting wagon here soon.  Just 13 more days until summer.


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