Sweet Lola is 18 Months

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My sweet little Lola Colleen is a whole year and a half now!  She had her 18 month appointment yesterday which actually was supposed to be today but I guess I can blame it on the preggo brain.  Luckily they squeezed her in with another doctor so my husband wasn't too angry with me about the situation.  Let's also note that it is also the end of the school year as well.  My brain cells are basically mush.

I thought it was time for a little update on my sweet baby yet soon to be middle child.  Oh this girl melts my heart so much.

Size: Lola is 23 lbs 10 oz, which is 50% of her age group.  Her big ol' head continues to grow at a whopping 90% of kiddos at her age.  Big brained for reals.  She gets it from her mama.  We upped her to size 4 diapers basically because she was waking up drenched and I felt like I was squeezing her little chubby legs a little too tight.  She's solidly in 18 month clothes but can wear a few of her 12 month outfits if they are short sleeved or sleeveless.  I bought her the cutest Toms for summer play and they are too small damn it!  Baby feet are so hard to figure out sizes for when it comes to shoes.  

Eating:  Thank God for at least one good eater!  Lola loves to eat and I mean EAT.  It's fun to try new foods with her and see which ones she will eat and which ones end up as Brady's second meal.  She will eat her meal, get down from her chair and scoop out her brother's plate for seconds.  The second she sees me sit down with my food she will walk over with her baby bird mouth open saying, "Ahhh!"  Anything with dip is Lola's jam.  But who's jam isn't chips and dip, let's be real?

Sleeping:  We recently dropped the morning nap finally but it's still a struggle for her.  When I'm home, I will take her on a run or a walk around 10:00 so she can get a quick 20 minute refresher in so she can make it past lunch.  Depending on her daily activities I can get her to sleep for at least two hours.  Lately night time has been a bit of a struggle with her since she's been cutting her "vampire" teeth.  Lola also thinks it's hilarious to throw her pacis out of her bed which inevitably makes an extra trip for one of us to go and put them all back in so she can find them when she's sleeping.  The kid is still a creature of habit and goes down around 7:30 and will sleep until 8:00, sometimes later. 

Milestones: Oh there is so much fun about this age!  Lola LOVES music.  The girl will drop it low and make up her own words.  Lately she has grown to love Frozen (of course) and sings "Let It Go" at all hours of the night.  Lola's vocabulary grows by the day too.  Her favorite phrases are "Get down!" which she obviously heard from me yelling at the dog and "Thank you!"  Anything you hand her something she will also respond and thank you.  Seriously peeps, you can teach your kids manners at any age.

Likes: It must be a requirement for your toddler to love Mickey Mouse.  We barely watch TV these days and she is all about Mickey. The moment that song comes on her eyes are glued to the TV and she throws her hands in the air to dance it out.  Lola is absolutely in love with being outdoors as well.  When I don't let her out or make her come in for the night she makes me aware that I am totally killing her vibe.  She is still obsessed with her brother and is quickly upping her roughness game with him.

Dislikes:  The kid doesn't handle being tired well, but who really does?  Lola also hates getting her head wet, which will make pool time extra fun this summer...

Oh Miss Lola Colleen how you have brightened our lives in more than one fabulous way.  From your sweet smile, loving personality and sassy attitude, you sure are one of a kind.  I hope and pray that your world isn't rocked too much with Baby comes along.  You will be the girl that is friends with everyone and loves life.  Stop growing now.



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