Weekend Shenanigans - Here Comes the Sun and a Princess

Monday, May 4, 2015

This weekend was worth every agonizing second of the horrible snow and cold we endured this year.  Okay, probably not completely but seriously I am now so ready for summer it is unreal!

Friday started out with a quick run to the doctor's office for Lola Girl...again.  She's super congested and just didn't sleep well Thursday evening, so I wanted those dreaded ears checked before the weekend arrived.  Luckily he says it's just a cold but her ears do have a bit of mucus behind them, but no infection.  I have to say I was super relieved because I know if this would have been an infection, he would have talked the tube route.  Emotionally I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.  And I don't really want to have to start our summer out with surgery either.  My dear husband had a long week at work so we celebrated his first early evening home with a dinner at our favorite Mexican joint.  Cohen made it a dance show while Lola let it rain rice.  I'm sure our server appreciated the extra tip.

Both Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous.  Cohen spent the majority of his days frolicking with the neighborhood kids while Lola was loving her swing.  Poor girl wasn't her usual self, but I think the sunshine and warm air helped.  Kurtis worked for a wee minute on Saturday and I lucked out by getting a quick (yet rare) snuggle nap with my boy.  I also decided to hit up Carters to stock up on some deals for the kids.  Seriously every time I walk into that store I feel like I could spend millions of dollars because everything is so damn cute.  We wrapped up our weekend with a little cookout with our neighbors.   Brady enjoyed most of the weekend in the sun too.  I'm sure he would've preferred the bed but the dog needs to get out of his lazy zone.  Homeboy is fat, okay?

Can we just be honest for a second and say the REAL highlight of the weekend was the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana?  I woke up randomly at 2 on Saturday to see that Kate was in early labor.  I then woke up for the day to see a sweet baby girl was born.  Then I obsessively watched BBC News for the announcement and introduction of the sweet princess.  Okay I may follow Kensington Palace on Twitter too... I'm still amazed at Kate's flawless appearance less than 12 hours after having an 8 lb baby.
Work it girl.
And for the record, I completely called this name.  My friend Kathy is just as obsessed as I am and I told her I had a feeling it would be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

These chilly mornings get me excited for summer.  Breakfast and toons in our jammies is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Lola is totally not a morning person, can you tell?

How was your weekend my friends?


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