Holla! It's Friday!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wait, what?! It's already Friday?
Seriously, Fridays have such a different meaning when you're on Summer Vacation.  Like, oh snap that week was fast.  Which means, double snap one more week closer to the start of school.  However it is also Donut Friday which everyone in my family approves of these days.

But since Friday is so fabulous, I probably should share with you my top five favorite things from the week.  Unfortunately I cannot be like Oprah and pass out cars, cashmere sweaters and brand new blenders.  But I will share you some things that made our week sweet, you know, Momlife style.

1. Rompers.
It is no secret I'm UHB-sessed with little girl rompers.  My goal next summer is to be smokin' hot and sporting a romper myself.  (Please still be in style.)  This week Target has a Cartwheel for 20% off girl's dresses and rompers.  I probably will go back to get just one more to add to the collection, especially since Baby Girl will be in line to get this wonderful collection in the next few years.  I may also be kind of obsessed with this one because it's too damn adorbes.

2.  Strawberries
Considering we picked over 11 lbs this weekend, strawberries have been on the mind this week.  Luckily both kids LOVE them and I have had a blast trying new recipes.  I made two different pies, Strawberry Shortcake, froze a bunch for smoothies and even canned some for freezer jam.  Betty Crocker say what??

3.  Baby Pools
Sometimes you just need a break from the big ol' community pool.  Plus it's hard to rangle around two kiddos when one refuses to sit in her float yet hates to get her head wet while the other is completely fearless and enjoys giving his mother a heart attack.  Seriously though, this pool has been great for the hot mornings and super fun when the water is finally warm in the hot evenings.  My goal is splurge and convince Kurtis to get a fun one with a slide, but I'm sure that is one battle I won't win.  Hello, it would mean endless hours of fun for the kids...and probably the neighborhood too.

4.  Real Housewives
The OC came back this week and with the addition of the New York ladies, this Mama is in HEAVEN.  Two of my favorite seasons in my favorite season -- WINNING.  Now let's get the Sex and the City reruns going during nap again and I will call it the BEST SUMMER EVER.

5.  Take and Toss Cups
Okay, why didn't I get these cups sooner?  I grabbed some during a quick Target run last week (oops) for like $3 a pack.  Seriously, they hold the perfect amount of liquid and fit in their car seat cup holders.  We already have lost one and I don't even feel bad about it because I can get more for next to nothing.  They so are perfect for dumping water on your sister's head in the pool.  #Boylife


Happy Friday everyone!  Any big plans out there?


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