Our Summer Bucket List

Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's no secret I love summer.  Like, I really, REALLY love summer.  There is nothing better than having time to enjoy and savor these moments with my family.  However, every year when the season rolls around I have a list of things I want to do but am never able to accomplish them.  So maybe if I put it in writing it will be more legit?

Here are my twenty things I hope to accomplish before the sweets sound and smells of summer come to an end!

1.  Enroll the kids in the summer reading program at the library

2.  Enjoy a weekend away with just the hubby

3.  Make homemade ice cream

4. Pick strawberries at the strawberry patch and figure out how to freeze them/make freezer jam

5.  Bake a homemade pie

6.  Take the kids blueberry picking

7.  Spend an entire day at the pool

8. Rearrange and redecorate the kid's rooms

9.  Visit Lake Michigan again

10.  Let Cohen and Lola experience the Elkhart County 4-H Fair (let me share that this is the third largest county fair in the nation...this ain't no small town show)

11.  Have a mini reunion with my IU girls

12.  Spend the day at the zoo

13.  Take the family to a local outdoor concert

14.  Go to an Indianapolis Indians game

15.  Splash the afternoon away at the splash pad

16.  Go on a mini family vacation to Michigan

17.  Attempt putt putting again as a family

18.  Enjoy a few more date nights with husband

19.  Take a nap in the sun

20.  Finish the Lauren Conrad trilogy -- don't judge 

Do you have a summer bucket list?  What are you excited about doing this summer?


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  1. I also make a list of things to accomplish in the summer. I have some of your same items on my list, like enroll the kids in summer reading programs, clean their rooms, and go to the fair. I also have to get caught up on bank statements and scrapbooking.