Project 52 - Week 24

Thursday, June 18, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

This kid loves nothing more than to be outside playing with his friends.  Now that Sophie is here for the next two weeks, the kid is in pure heaven.  Every morning we take a walk and he rides his bike, stopping to look at the fields across from the elementary school.  He always has a million questions about what's growing, how they do it, who eats it and so on.  I love how amazed he is by the different tractors he notices are getting the fields ready to plant and seed.  It's true that kids are like little sponges because the other day as we drove past the fields he informed Sophie and I that the farmers are going to plant corn with seeds and then most likely feed it to the animals.  I love how his little mind learns.

Oh this little stink is such trouble!  She's all about climbing and standing and jumping and running.  She is really great at giving me heart attacks as I turn around to see her jumping from the coffee table to the couch - true story.  Lately Miss Lola's spunk has started to shine in rare form.  When she gets mad she will throw whatever she's holding (like her bowl of Goldfish crackers, making it rain a cheesy treats for Brady, which he snatches up in .232 seconds) and when we choose to ignore this fit she will screech this horrible scream.  Girlfriend's got a temper...I blame her father.


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