Sweet Summertime

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer has finally arrived, well at least Summer Break has for this family.  While I truly loved my class, my heart longed for my two little stinkers every second of the day.  I'm nervous but excited to be able to spend from October on with my little family this year.  With the addition of Baby Girl, our lives are about to flip, turn upside down.  I plan on utilizing every possible moment with my kiddos this summer doing things that are semi easy with just two kids in tow because next summer will be a whole new ballgame.

Let's just say we started off our first day of break with a splash...

The last few days have been rainy and in the 60s.  However, Super Mom here pulled out all the stops with an ice cream run and a trip to the library to sign up for the Summer Reading program.  I know, I totally earned my Mom of the Year badge for that last one.  

Bring it, Summer.  We are ready.


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