The Weatherman is a Sucka

Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Monday is here.  And this mom does NOT have the blues.
It was supposed to rain all weekend but guess what - they were wrong!  Suckas!  We were able to spend an entire morning at the pool, come back and allow everyone to take naps (it was glorious) and then head out for dinner.  Sunday was a bit gloomier but we were still able to enjoy lunch outside, playtime in the kiddie pool and a long walk looking for leaves and acorns.  Apparently the weatherman says its going to rain all damn week, but I'm crossing my fingers he's wrong like he was about Saturday.  Besides being able to enjoy my family, this weekend also helped me rehash my obsession for Lifetime movies.  I blame the late night restless legs that have crept back into this pregnancy like an unwanted ninja.  But if I'm going to be up I might as well watch some mindless TV.  
I'm on a mission to make a cute Father's Day gift this year for Kurtis.  I'm bored with the usual dress shirts, gift cards and coffee mug gifts.  While I have tried Pinterest for inspiration, I still feel a bit stuck.  Any suggestions?  I found this really cool beer glass that has a bottle opener on the bottom of it but I want to do something from the kids too.  Come on Martha Stewart Moms, help a struggling mother out.
But now I must immerse myself in the laundry that needs to be folded and the house the needs to be cleaned.  Okay, I lied I'm going to catch up on some Housewives reruns.
Here's to another week my friends!

Thrilled to eat popsicles apparently.


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