Cohen, Mr. Confident

Monday, July 20, 2015

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The age of four is quickly turning into one of my favorites.  Despite our recent listening struggles, Cohen has grown leaps and bounds this past year.  The things he says and the ideas he picks up are amazing to Kurtis and myself.  Today he pulled out a sticker and asked if he could use it for a stamp to mail a letter to his Nana and Papa.  After explaining to him that we needed to buy a special stamp from the post office to send out our letters, he now is convinced that a post office visit is imperative to our future errand runs.

But the older he gets, the more adventurous he seems to become which is a sure sign he is (sigh) growing up.  The little pool is not his jam anymore and he would much rather spend his days swimming in the big pool with his puddle jumper.  Recently he decided he wanted to jump of the diving board, so he did.  Cohen loves playing with the neighborhood boys and now has insisted that we take off his training wheels on his bike like "his friends."  While he's not quite ready for that, his determination and fearless spirit is definitely apparent.  The kid is becoming more independent with each day that passes.

So now that he is getting older, Cohen's grandparents have asked to have him come stay with them for an overnight adventure.  I'm not sure who is more excited - Cohen or his grandpa.  But even though he's been night time potty trained for close to a year, we still have those occasional accidents.  Cohen insists on being a big boy, so diapers or other training pants are not an option for his nights away.  But I still wanted him to feel comfortable and not embarrassed if he happened to have an accident while sleeping.  On a recent trip to CVS I picked up a GoodNites TruFit Starter Kit for him to take on his overnight adventure to his grandparents' house.  I loved the fact that they are real soft fabric underwear with disposable protection.  I knew this was the perfect solution to keep Cohen feeling comfortable yet confident for his special sleepover with the grandparents.

As I started getting Cohen's overnight bag together, I wanted to make sure he knew how to use his GoodNites when I wasn't with him.  After opening the package and practicing together, I was thrilled with the simplicity and ease of the use of the underwear and disposable insert!  It was literally three simple steps and he was ready to go!

Three Easy Steps to Keeping Dry with GoodNites TruFit Underwear

Step One:  Place the disposable insert with the words facing down in the underwear.

Step Two:  Tuck the insert into the little pocket that is inside, towards the bottom.

Step Three:  Pull and secure the disposable insert into the underwear.  You are ready to roll!

Cohen was beaming when he was able to show and explain to me how to use his GoodNites.  We also talked about how he can throw away the insert the next morning and bring home the underwear so I can wash them since they are machine washable.  While he knows he's a big boy, I know it upsets him when he has an occasional accident.  I could tell he was much more confident knowing that I wasn't going to have to send him to his grandparents' with baby diapers but rather these real underwear.  Plus he was able to get them ready all by himself, which was a relief for both of us!  We finished packing his bags together and he informed me several times that he was, indeed, getting bigger and he was sorry that it was making me sad.  He also told me that when he gets older he'll be a dad and his dad will be a grandpa, but he's not going to get married because all the girls are his friends.  Oh how they get smarter with age.

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  1. Thank you for the step by step tutorial. They appear quite easy to use!