I Love You So Much It Hurts.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm 29 weeks today and the reality of being a mom of three soon is starting to hit me.  Maybe I'm just super hormonal plus the fact that I am returning to school this week but I've been overly weepy about the kids lately.  Just little things seem to set me off.  Like they way Lola scoots back and sits on my lap when it's time to put on her shoes.  That makes me tear up.  Or when Cohen and I have our "I love you more" wars and he tells me he loves me times a million, the waterworks start up again. 
I know.  I'm a mess. 
But being able to be home with these two boogers has been wonderful.  Yes I'm tired and yes there are days when I wish I could pour myself a big cocktail but I love these two little monkeys so much it hurts.  Watching them bond with each other has been even more fun this summer. Sure they have learned what makes one another tick and the fighting may be a daily occurrence but look at them!  God, they are cute.

Love you.  To the moon and back.


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