Project 52 - Week 29

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

I'm so amazed as what this kid has taught himself swimming wise this summer.  I really procrastinated and didn't sign him up for swimming lessons this like I had planned.  I think I will do it this winter to give him a fun activity to do during the long, cold months since Dad's pool at work is heated.  He literally has no fear, which in some sense is absolutely terrifying.  Yesterday he decided he didn't want to wear his puddle jumper anymore and continuously jumped into the pool.  Part of me is so proud while the other part cringes and has mini panic attacks while he's in action.  

Miss Thing finally is getting into the grove of the pool.  She has started swimming/crawling around on her tummy and looks so proud while doing it.  Lately she finds humor in pouring water over her own head, which is completely fine by me because she used to have this huge freak out session whenever I tried to wash her hair in the bath.  Like her brother, Lola is also starting to become braver around the water.  Yesterday we were in the smaller pool and she continuously jumped off the edge of the pool, many times when I wasn't looking.  I swear she learns these daredevil tricks from her wild and crazy brother!


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