Second Trimester Favorites

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm closing out the last few days of my second trimester.  I know, shocking right?  Next week I get to partake in that glorious glucose test.  Actually, I can't lie.  The drink totally tastes like a super sweet Orange Crush so I personally don't mind it.  Anyways...considering THIS shop is closed (God willing) after Baby Girl comes, I want to share with other moms things that I have found useful during my pregnancies.  So I've rounded up a few of my favorite things that I've used this trimester to share with you all!

1.  BarreAmped -- I just purchased this a few weeks ago and I'm truly obsessed.  I have done Pure Barre classes in the past but since the one I go to doesn't have childcare, it really isn't an option this time around.  But this video is perfect for busy moms!  It had 5 different workouts you can choose from that are all about 15 minutes each.  I will go on a 30-40 minute walk in the morning and then do one of the workouts.  It's low intensity but damn, you feel a good burn!

2.  Camelbak Water Bottle with Straw - I bought one of these with Lola and I have used it faithfully for over two years now.  I actually should probably buy a new one considering Lola decided to bite a huge chunk out of the straw.  But I find that I drink much more water with a straw than without one!  Did I mention this thing is super durable and could probably withstand a hurricane?

3.  Old Navy Drawstring Maternity Shorts (similar found here) - Never have I been a fan of the full panel maternity pants.  I love these because you can tie them right under your bump.  Plus they are super loose and comfy and are perfect for the hot summer weather!

4.  Tanzky Nursing Bra - This bra is great because there is no under wire and has a bit of stretchy spandex support.  I'm really over bras at this point but Baby Girl has made a monster out of my chest this time around.  (I'm afraid what will happen when I start nursing...)  I bought it in black but plan on getting a few other extras for the future too!

5.  Maternity Maxi Dress - Once school starts up in a few weeks I have a feeling I will be living in these things!  I loved the coral color of this Three Seasons maternity maxi and the pretty crochet design in the back.  Makes for a fancy but comfortable choice for the warm weather and when I get to be bigger than life.

Well, here we go my friends!  On to the third and final trimester.  I'm sure I haven't mentioned that we still need to move around and decorate the kids' rooms, right?  

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